Favorite Things


by Otessa:

Otessa here, with a list of what is making magic sparkles in my week.


Fort Reno

So, yesterday I went to Fort Reno, with Morgan (of Panda Head mag).

This is not the 1st Fort Reno post (remember this one from last year?)  But…

Fort Reno is always magic.  It reminds me of growing up in the district, (which is nice, because I was a happy kid).  And I hadn’t gone yet this season, so I was pumped.

from the nox-dc website

I was even more ecstatic because the opening band, NOX , was an *incredibly* adorable & badass  group of 11-14 year old girls. These are the girls I would have been friends with at that age. It made me all wistful & happy.  {Oh…and cherry on the sundae? This from the website: “Nox formed the band in winter of 2008 under the guidance of Mary Timony.”}  Yes, they know Mary Timony. Amazement ensues.

via cigarbox plantarium's myspace

Also on the line-up was CIGARBOX PLANETARIUM… a sort of spooky/surfy/campy elevator music (to riff off of someone else’s perfectly apt description).

I will also add to this list of magic sparkly things:

  • When kids set off REALLY LOUD FIREWORKS, that have obviously GONE AWRY in some way. That’s awesome.
  • Picnics
  • Blankets
  • Saint Germain in flasks
  • summery pesto pasta (umm…I need to learn how to enjoy cooking!)


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