The Bizzaro Year of DC Sports


by: Will

For the twenty some odd years of my existence, I’ve lived in the DC area most of my life, with the one exception being my time spent in college out of state. While many things in life are unpredictable at best, over time I came to depend on a few constants of the area.

  1. You can’t escape politics, no matter how hard you try
  2. The Metro is really screws you over at the worst possible time
  3. DC sports teams are lackluster, at best

But here I am, not 24 hours removed from the Nationals sweeping my Red Sox at Fenway, and I’m left wondering just what exactly is going on, because that wasn’t just a one time deal, oh no, this is just a flat out bizarre year in terms of DC sports.

When it comes to sports, I’m primarily a baseball fan, but know enough about most other pro sports to get by, so the fact that both the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles are eating up both the east divisions is a shock by itself. I can remember a time sitting in Nationals park, having season ticket holders boo their own team, or traveling to Camden Yards, keeping up with the “Fenway South” joke, simply due to the amount of Red Sox fans. Now I had to suffer through three games where the Nats edged out the Sox, and groan when I see the Os on the schedule, because they have our number this year. Meanwhile, The Red Sox are losing, I have rarely heard anything about the Yankees, the Phillies are on life support, and nearly every marquee player with a $100 million contract is under performing. What is going on!?

This doesn’t end in the 9th inning though, outside of baseball, other DC sports have done pretty well this year. Despite the odds, the Washington Capitals managed to knock the defending champions, the Boston Bruins out of the Stanley Cup playoffs not too long ago. Meanwhile, over in Ashburn, with training camp in it’s early stages, Robert Griffin III is probably going to elevate the Redskins to a new level (let’s be honest, there’s nowhere to go but up in that case). How did the Wizards do this year? …20 and 46? Yesh. Well, okay, some things stay the same.

Nevertheless, Washington sports are on the rise, or so it would seem. I still can’t wrap my head around it, this has to be some astronomical event’s doing. The saying “when hell freezes over” used to coincide with anything mentioning the terms “DC sports” and “good” but now… wait a minute… between this, and the bath salt zombie apocalypse… Yep, only one explanation:


So, enjoy it Washington DC, it’s about time the sports teams around here were something to care about, rather than laugh/mock/cry about. But just know, this is probably a sign of the apocalypse, just saying.

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