OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s

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By: Samantha

1. Amsterdam Falafelshop (Adams Morgan)

A WONDERFUL reader suggested that we check out Amsterdam Falafelshop after my restaurant meltdown last week. Sorry, guys- I needed some restaurant inspiration after going to two dining duds IN A ROW. This place has received an overwhelming amount of good reviews and has an equally impressive “fix-in’s” bar to cater your falafel to exactly what your taste buds are looking for. It’s super cheap and super delicious. GO FOR IT!

Amsterdam Falafelshop

2. Elephant and Castle (Foggy Bottom)

Well, I now know where the dudes of DC congregate after work: Elephant and Castle. Yesterday, my roommate and I were in the mood for some serious pub food and she suggested we hit up Elephant and Castle. I had never been there before, so naturally I was totally ready to rock. Upon entering, I immediately noticed that the place was PACKED with happy-go-lucky Washingtonians enjoying a drink and some grub. The vibe was excellent and exactly what I was looking for. The prices are totally reasonable, the menu has a lovely British flair, and the restaurant is a standard pub with all the bells and whistles…like a huge bar. Cheerio, old chap. I’m going back and you should too.

*Tip: Get the potato skins. Seriously, when was the last time you had some good ‘ol potato skins?

Elephant and Castle 

3. Movie of the Week: Factory Girl

To those of you who share any form of appreciation for the 60s, this is the film for you. I have been going through this random 60s inspiration funk and have been reading up on Edie Sedgwick (60s It Girl before Twiggy was even a thought). I found this film on iTunes starring Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick and I figured-why not? I stayed up until 4 am watching and enjoyed every second. The film narrates Sedgwick’s life from a rich, but lovely and troubled student to Andy Warhol’s “superstar” and the turmoil she later endures due to substance abuse and overall emotional destruction. It is superb.

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