Music Monday: Summer ’12 album preview – Passion Pit’s “Gossamer”


by: Will

I’m never one to pull out the “I liked them before they were cool” card, I hate it, it’s just snobby and obnoxious. But, with the Massachusetts band Passion Pit, I sometimes make an exception. You see, as I was entering my first year of Emerson College in 2007, Passion Pit mastermind Michael Angelakos, was just about to leave the school, as his Valentine’s day demo tape for his girlfriend, would eventually turn into the electronic indie sensation that is Passion Pit. I remember crowded parties watching Passion Pit preform, just as they were getting their start, and ever since, they’ve blown up, and graduated to much larger venues. So if I learned anything, it’s that I should have dropped out, started up a band (name idea: Affection Hole… totally not a Passion Pit rip off, and not a sex pun…) and make a million dollars! That’s what happens, right?

So, around this time in 2009, Passion Pit’s first full length album “Manners” dropped, and it was awesome, still is, actually. Catchy beats and loops, falsetto vocals, NYC public school children’s choirs, it had it all, and was much, much bigger than their “Chunk of Chain” EP in terms of creative scope. Thinking back on it, the best way to describe “Manners” is that it’s the perfect album to frolic through a field to. No, really, listen to “Moth’s Wings” in a field, I bet you’ll have the urge to frolic like Bambi. But I digress, the point I’m getting at is that Passion Pit is back with their Sophomore effort “Gossamer” coming out July 24th.

Now, there are those who believe in the “Sophomore slump,” or when a band’s second album fails to live up to the first in a lot of people’s eyes. Well, based on the one song they’ve released so far, “Take a Walk,” it’s clear that Passion Pit has altered their sound a bit, but couldn’t be farther from a “slump.” If there was one way to describe the sound of “Take a Walk” it would be “more down to earth.” Instead of the usual high pitched vocals, Angelakos sings in a much more subdued tone, while the music focuses more on the actual music of the band, rather than loops, bells, choirs or other elements found through out “Manners.” Meanwhile, the lyrics are surprisingly indicative of the times, in a somewhat political sense, something I wasn’t quite expecting.

I really like what I’ve heard so far, it’s different, but man do I love it. “Take a Walk” is one of those songs you can listen to multiple times in a row, on a daily basis, it’s catchy, and oh so addicting. If the rest of “Gossamer” is anything like that one song, I’ll be a happy Passion Pit fan, that’s for sure.

“Take a Walk” is available now for purchase on iTunes and other music services, while the full album comes out July 24th. Check out Passion Pit’s official website for more.

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