Music Monday: New As I Lay Dying track, for FREE!


By Will:

Back in the early 2000s, I was all about the Metalcore scene, in terms of musical taste. For me, it never got to the point of being “that scene kid” who took the habit of wearing girl jeans and eyeliner, I was just in for the music, because boy did my angsty teenage self love me some growling vocals, fast riffs, and “brootal” breakdowns. Then around 2005/6 the “market,” if you will, began to get really over-saturated,  eventually crashing and burning with the “Crabcore” incident. Still can’t help but laugh at that… just so ridiculous in every way shape and form…

Anyways, all that being said, a few of the bands that were around in the beginning, before techno breakdowns, jean-splitting squats, and auto-tune became a factor, have stuck with me, and As I Lay Dying is one of those bands. Today (June 25th), ALID released a brand new track from their upcoming album Awakened, for download. The song “Cauterize” is available for FREE on their website, but for 24 hours only, so after 11:59pm PST it’ll be GONE FOREVER, until Awakened is released in September… because we all know that there will be absolutely no way to get an mp3 off the internet after it’s taken down…

I gave the track a listen this morning, and while I can’t say it is anything unexpected, it is exactly what I want, just more As I Lay Dying goodness. Heavy riffs, guitar solos, breakdowns, sing-a-long chorus, definitely in the vein of “that one song we’re going to release that has the most appeal” format bands participate in to promote a new album. Like I said, at the end of the day, I’m just happy to get some new music from them. I met a couple of the guys in the band a few years ago at a show in Springfield, and they were nice to me and other fans, never in your face about the whole “Christian metal” thing, overall just good dudes. That kind of thing sticks over the years, and that’s why I continue to support them.

Anyways, head over to for the free download, give it a listen, maybe you’ll like it. They’ll be in the area July 29th for Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival tour, and Awakened will be out in September.

As a side note, check out lead vocalist Tim Lambesis’ side project, Austrian Death Machine, a band completely dedicated to Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and his cinematic masterpieces. Such hits include “Get to the Choppa,”  ”Who is Your Daddy and What does he Do?” and “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.” You won’t be disappointed.

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