The Limelight: The Art of Video Games @ The American Art Museum


By: Will

“What is art?” or “What can be classified as art?” are two questions that have endless possible answers. Paintings, photography, sculptures, etc., all generally can be considered “art,” but in the past few years the question “are video games an art form?” has been asked more and more. Well now, thanks to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the medium may gain some validity.

Since March 16th, an exhibit has been on display in the museum detailing the art of video games, all the way back to crude pixel representations of figures, to the multimillion dollar HD blockbusters common today. The exhibit uses 80 games selected by the public, ranging from Pac Man to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves to help illustrate the artistic evolution over multiple decades. Over the exhibit’s stay in the museum, it will have multiple special events for visitors to gain more from their experience.

The exhibit runs all the way through the end of September, so don’t worry, you’ve got time to check it out. If you want more information of the exhibit, make sure to visit it’s official website for all you need to know.

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