OJBG’s Weekend Walk-Ins


By: Will

1. The Battle of the Beltways

Interleague baseball begins this week, with most teams playing a single series against an interleague opponent, prior to full interleague play later in June. As usual, the Nationals and Orioles will go at it this weekend, the only difference this year? They’re both actually good. No, really. The O’s are in first place within the AL East, and the Nats are just a half game back behind the Braves. Crazy. It’ll be a good weekend for baseball, despite some possible showers on Sunday for pitching sensation Stephen Strasburg’s start

Nationals tickets

2. Tortilla Cafe (South East DC)

When I was in school, me and my roommates would go on mini road trip food tours to places that had been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and were never disappointed. Tortilla Cafe at 210 7th St. SE, is one place in DC I need to check out. An authentic Mexican-Salvadoran place, Tortilla Cafe has all you’d expect, but if there’s one thing that one would need to try, it would be their pupusas, which are thick tortillas stuffed with pork and cheese.

Tortilla Cafe’s website 

3. The Dictator

The movie to see this weekend would have to be The Dictator… that is, unless you’re really into movies based off board games with a ton of left over Transformers special effects, then by all means, Battleship. But back to The Dictator, these type of Sacha Baron Cohen movies you either love of you hate, I’ve found them to mostly be pretty funny, so why not see another?

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