OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha

I don't even know how to handle that many flavors.

1. Thomas Sweet’s (Georgetown)

Willy Wonka has been discovered in Georgetown and his real name is Thomas Sweet. If you’re

craving something to kick that sweet tooth, look no further than this lovely shop in Georgetown. Whether it’s ice cream, fudge, or frozen yogurt, I’m sure you will find something that tickles your taste buds.

*Tip: Try the chocolate oreo marshmallow milkshake. It is heaven.

Thomas Sweet’s Website

2. Lauriol Plaza (Dupont Circle)

Rated the “Best Mexican Food” by the Washington Post, you can rest assured the Tex-Mex inspired dishes at Lauriol Plaza will be rockin’. The chips and salsa are amongst the most delicious in the District and that doesn’t even begin to cover the food. The bar seems to be the hottest spot on Friday and Saturday nights with pitchers of margaritas flowing. Join in the fiesta and salsa on over to Lauriol Plaza pronto.

*Tip: The Crab and Shrimp Quesadilla is the bomb.

Lauriol Plaza Website

The Crispy Spinach. SO GOOD.

3. Rasika (West End)

My lovely Indian friend was telling me about Rasika in West End the other (while simultaneously tying her sari-this woman knows her stuff) and highly suggested I make a trip of my own to experience the delicious food myself. I did and I cannot agree more. I have never really eaten authentic Indian food before and Rasika left an absolutely perfect first impression. I highly suggest you enjoy that same first impression very soon and make a reservation at Rasika.

*Tip: The Crispy Spinach is a superb appetizer.

Rasika Website 

4. Movie of the Week: The Vow

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I am absolutely not watching this lame chick flick. Well, that’s how I felt too until I actually succumbed to final exam studying procrastination and rented it off of iTunes. It was absolutely adorable. I probably won’t persuade any dudes reading this, but for you ladies, give it a chance. It’s based on a true story, it has an awesome soundtrack, and most importantly, the plot is not all butterflies and rainbows. It addresses a true medical tragedy without sugarcoating it and reminds all of us what ¬†love truly entails. Plus, if you hate the movie, you do still get to see Channing Tatum smiling like a hunk in the rain. Not too shabby.

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