Tuesday top favorite things / weekly obsessions


by Otessa

Ok so this week’s list will be decidedly janky. (It’s tax week, so take it easy on me please.)  Here goes…

1. Goodreads.

A friend asked me recently: “what is Goodreads?”

My reply: “It’s social media. But for those of us who like books more than people.”

Anyways, I’m on it. And I love it. (-unlike FB which I view as a necessary evil of my career field).


2. When the space shuttle, Discover, looped over the District today


3. Spice Cake

We had some today in the office. The Wizard brought it in. Yum. Thanks, Mom!

delicious image via TheHungryMouse.com


4. This insane book that I’m currently reading called “The Mount” by Carol Emshwiller.

I love it.

excellent reading

Here are some quotes (of the type that I wish & hope people will one day say about something I do. Then I will know I have arrived):

“Carol Emshwiller’s The Mount is a wicked book. Like Harlan Ellison’s darkest visions, Emshwiller writes in a voice that reminds us of the golden season when speculative fiction was daring and unsettling. Dystopian, weird, comedic as if the Marquis de Sade had joined Monty Python, and ultimately scary, The Mount takes us deep into another reality. Our world suddenly seems wrought with terrible ironies and a severe kind of beauty. When we are the mounts, who—or what—is riding us?
—Luis Alberto Urrea
“We are all Mounts and so should read this book like an instruction manual that could help save our lives. That it is also a beautiful funny novel is the usual bonus you get by reading Carol Emshwiller. She always writes them that way.”
—Kim Stanley Robinson
“This novel is like a tesseract, I started it and thought, ah, I see what she’s doing. But then the dimensions unfolded and somehow it ended up being about so much more.”
—Maureen F. McHugh


5.  Game of Thrones.

(duh. me and everyone else). But I haven’t seen this week’s epi yet, so don’t tell me!


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