Music Monday: New Childish Gambino Mixtape Coming Soon (Hopefully)


By: Will

You know what one of my favorite things in the world is right now? The awesome show, that no-one-with-a-Nielsen-box watches, Community. Now, my love for the show doesn’t stop at the off beat pop culture humor, or even the fact that they literally created a multiverse in one episode (I’m a huge comic nerd, by the way) but it’s one of the rare shows where I actually care enough to follow what the cast does outside of the show. I watch The Soup with Joel McHale every week, I laughed my ass off at the sight of Jim Rash accepting an Oscar for best screen play, and just got really excited to hear that Donald Glover would be releasing a new mixtape soon.

Preforming under the persona of Childish Gambino, a name Glover got from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator website (Vangelic Surgeon here), Mr. Gambino took time out from his recent Coachella set to tell Rolling Stone that he’d be releasing new material very, very soon, even contemplating dropping it that very day. That was what, a week ago now? Is said mixtape currently playing in my iTunes? Unfortunately, that’s a big “no.” There’s been no word since Coachella, as fans patiently await the release of this new material. A few hours ago, Childish Gambino fansite even issued a “formal apology” for boosting everyone’s hype a bit too early.

Nevertheless, this mixtape is coming soon, we know that, and it would be the first material released by Childish Gambino since his hit album Camp, released last November to 52,000 copies sold in the first week, which is saying something in this day and age, especially for an independent artist (also, Community trivia, said album was co-produced by Ludwing Göransson, the show’s musical producer). There’s been little to no word about the material that will be on the mixtape, but if it’s anything like other artists’ mixtapes, where they allow themselves a bit more liberty as to what they sample, and the material ends up anywhere close to what Gambino has done with Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” or Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” we will surely be in for a treat.

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