Black Tambourine Reunion Tour


by Otessa:

Pioneers of fuzzy, dreamy sound

One of my favorite bands, which has had soundtrack-of-my-life-status for the past 10 years, has been Black Tambourine…a late 80s/early 90s band, who hailed out of Silver Spring, and had only 1 album.  And oh good grief was I excited when I heard that they were going to be holding a reunion tour!  Pam was flying in from London!  Heaven was coming to Earth!  Basically– good things and bliss all around.

The first leg of their reunion tour was at Arlington’s Artisphere, and was sponsored by Chickfactor (awesome ‘zine, of which Pam Berry was one of the two co-founders).

I went to the Artisphere show this past Saturday with my sister… and it was dreamy, all-encompassing, and energizing.

Artisphere Black Tambourine show, photo via

This post should be so much more, but my desire to make it the ultimate has actually been what has kept me from just writing the damn thing.  And better to have at least something NOW, then a long-form love-letter LATER.

Artisphere Black Tambourine pic via

I will add one annecdote though. Not only was Black Tambourine a seminal lo-fi, shoe-gazey, dream-pop act (who hailed out Silver Spring! represent the DMV!) –

– but also, when I was originally looking for music for “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”, back in the early days when the show was just an idea and a wing and a prayer and a half-baked student project of 2009–

well, I asked Black Tambourine if I could feature their music in the show’s first season.  And they said, “YES”.  I was starstruck and grateful and felt so lucky.  They truly live and breathe and embody the diy aesthetic, and I would like to thank them just for being.

PS Black Tambourine recently has a Kickstarter campaign, for which I of course donated… and one of the projects (other than the reunion/transpo costs) that the campaign was funding was the band’s desire to record and press a Ramone’s cover album.

Artisphere’s Saturday show bore witness to Black Tambourine’s rendition of “I wanna be your boyfriend”. Lovely, uncanny in the way that the Raincoat’s “Lola” is and was. Excellent stuff. I’m excited for my Kickstarter perk of the Ramone’s cover LP to arrive. And in the meantime, (thanks to Brooklyn Vegan) you can download Black Tambourine’s cover of “What’s Your Game” (from the Ramones’ 1977′s LP Leave Home) which features backing vocals from the Rinettes (aka Linda Smith, Rose Melberg, Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls and Jenny Robbins from Honeymoon Diary).

Do you like 60’s girl group melodies drenched in a wall of shoegaze sound?   I hope so. I know I do.

Black Tambourine’s 02 What’s Your Game

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