Weekly top obsessions / favorite things


by Otessa:

my blackberry's cherry blossom pic ~ Otessa

1. Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s on right now. Go! Before the blooms dissolve into fallen petals from the rain.


balancing eggs with the fam ~ Otessa

2. First Day of Spring

Today is the Zoroastrian holiday and also marked the vernal equinox.  Around the vernal equinox (which was at 1:14am this morning), you can balance eggs quite easily — not only is this immensely satisfying, it’s also just amazingly fun. Last night I balanced 5 eggs. Win! Also for the holiday of No Ruz, you put together a Haft Seen — or a table with symbolic elements, all of which represent or highlight the passing of Winter, the coming of Spring, and the hopes for a good harvest. It’s basically the most amazing holiday ever. Oh and did I mention that the Tuesday before No Ruz, you get to jump over bonfires? Bonfires, I tell you!


3. Receiving actual letters in the mail

I just got a letter from my dear friend Catherine. And it was awesome!


4. The final episode of OJBG 5th season

aka “Fairytale in the Supermarket”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/celia.bassols Celia Bassols

    I really like watching OJBG – the sets, the Washington scenes, the cast and stories remind me of the late 80s – Nice work.

  • Otessa

     Thank you!!  ~Otessa