Weekly Top 10 / latest obsessions — “Destination Bucket List”


by Otessa

This week we have another theme.  It is VACATION & TRAVEL destinations. These are the dream locations I have on my so-called bucket list.  What started this all was actually a post/ giveaway on the website YA Highway, which is a website devoted to young adult literature.  A new (and highly-anticipated book) called “Wanderlove” was the focus of a very dramatic giveaway/release-day campaign today. The book is all about travels — and the backpacking adventure.  I’m a sucker for backpacking…and this whole shebang got me thinking.  Hence, the Destination Bucket List.


1. Philippines


I have a theory that “The Beach” was actually written about the Philippines, but that Garland didn’t want to blow up his spot.

Unsung hero of Southeast Asia



2.Kerala & Goa


             in   South India

(w/ side-trip to Sri Lanka)



3. Indonesia



4. New Zealand

New Zealand - more sheep than people


5.  Peru

sigh. to see Machu Picchu


6. Antigua, Guatemala


7. Malaysia,


Singapore, & Brunei


– ( I can lump them all together because I’d want to do them as a great backpacking tour).  I’ve actually been to Singapore, when I was 10, and alas I wish I had been older to really remember more. I do remember having never seen so many orchids. It was positively lush with orchids. And so sparkling.


8. Swaziland

photo by flickr user palko72



9. Tanzania


+ (Zanzibar islands)



10. Napa, Redwoods,


Tidepools, & Kelp


Forests – California

Oh my do I want to drive up the Pacific Coast



11. Honorable mentions go to the

Trans-Siberian Railway &


How about you?? What locations are on your bucket list?

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