Weekly obsessions (weekly top 10)


by Otessa:

This week’s obsessions are largely themed (but not exclusively-themed).

love it

1. Anne

of Green Gables

OK. So I have been hanging out with my old childhood friend Carmen a bunch this week — we’ve been having a reunion — and when we have reunions…we like to indulge in nostalgia-binges.  This leads me to the classic CTV version of Anne of Green Gables, which anyone in my age bracket will probably have intense PBS phone-a-thon memories of.  Nothing made North America want to dig into their pockets and donate like Anne of Green Gables.

Now let’s look at some pictures and remember those halcyon days of MPT, where we had our noses pressed practically up to the television (be careful or your face will freeze like that) because we just had to witness the aura of Megan-as-Anne as close as possible, with our little-girl-dream that maybe her amazingness could be imparted through nearness.

2. Period Films & the Like (the blog)

Check out some of these images from said tumblr. Sigh…

All of these amazing pics are from this girl’s tumblr called “Period Films and the Like and I highly recommend that you check it out.


kind of an icon

3. Megan Follows

Megan Follows’ representation of Anne was utterly enchanting, funny, tough, and ebullient. She had joie-de-vivre like woah.

And if you like special features… here is a Youtube video of Megan Follow’s audition for the part of Anne. (Apparently they went through 3 rounds of auditions, but I think this may be the last one).

4. Aud Vid

Wondering what Megan Follows is up to now?  Well, that brings me to…


Megan has a lead role in this short film, which looks amazing. It’s about the child of formerly popular parents, who feels like a loser in comparison to their former glory days. To compensate, she creates a wild fantasy-world, to live vicariously through.  Parents leave town for the weekend…and daughter has wild party– the likes of which their city has never seen before — Population of said party = 1.

(don’t you love the logline).  I have a rather drastic & dramatic desire to see this movie. It’s from the writer/director mind of indie Canadian filmmaker Maurey Loeffler. Here is the IMDB page if you are so inclined.

Oh, OK, now let’s back up a bit because this blew my mind.  Did you know:

6. Diana

was almost Anne?

It’s true. And you can read all about it HERE.  By the way HERE happens to be an amazing and incredibly thorough blog & site all about the “Green Gables (and beyond) Experience”.  Oh ps an interesting tidbit I learned from the site is that the actress who played Diana Barry was Katherine Hepburn’s grand-niece.


7.Hannah & Landon

     (the blog)

I recently discovered this blog and it’s so lovely. Look at some of today’s content that they featured. It’s so dreamy and has that 1970s-by-way-of-1930′s feel… that reminds me of Sarah Moon’s photography. So, I love it of course.

8. Gibson Girl Hair

        (plus a tutorial)

This is also from Hannah & Landon. It is great. Here are some pics… and here is the LINK.

the original inspiration

9. Sarah Moon

An utterly brilliant photographer whose ethereal images are beautifully haunting.

10. Rocko’s

Modern Life

It’s available to stream on Netflix.  For the Win!  My favorite episode is the one where Rocko becomes an underwear model. Ahh!!It’s comic GENIUS!

love you, Rocko, and your guide to modern living

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