The Season 5 Finale of OJBG has finally arrived!


By: Cristina

So season 5 of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden has been a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs.


Here’s a summary of the goings-on between the OJBG gang so far in Season 5:

Sarah has a crazy dream that she’s a mermaid (I guess being constrained in a sleeping bag could be tail-like) and tells all her concerns to Chloe of all people. She then decides to start a band and invites the whole OJBG group to tryout. Some fall flat (what was up with Tamsin and Alex singing “Miss Susie”?), but Robin, or Rob, (remember Davis’ best friend?), Drew, Ryan, and a new face, Cassandra (a hottie, as Maggie points out), pass. Sarah, for the umpteenth time, tries to call Gwen in NYC, but Gwen tags the conversation off to her not-so-enthusiastic roommate, who lies and says that she’s camping. Why all the dodging Gwen? Rob then calls and asks Tamsin out on a date, during which the eating of Starburts and flower tiaras confirms their couple status. Alex receives a letter from Davis that says he is breaking up with her. He “can’t be what [she] needs” and hopes that she will “live long and prosper.” My nerd senses are tingling.

Alex decides to get comfort from Sarah and discovers Sarah has her own troubles. As Alex reads an instant message conversation between her and Gwen, Gwen tells Sarah that she still loves her, but she needs to “focus,” that a long distance relationship won’t work, and that there is another girl. Not only was Sarah dumped, but she was dumped over AOL and there’s another woman! When everyone comes for band rehearsal, Alex catches Sarah, Libby, and Tamsin talking about her love life, insults them, and storms off. With the sudden depressing mood change, everyone decides to leave and cancel their band rehearsal, much to Sarah’s disapproval.

With both their respective others disappointing them, the season finale ends by answering the question of, “What’s going to happen between Sarah and Chloe?”

Ep. 5.9 – “Fairytale in the Supermarket”
What a crazy season! What does the future hold for Alex and Sarah now that they’re both single? What new romantic relationships may blossom? What the heck is Chloe thinking? We’re all just going to have to wait until season 6 of OJBG!

SIDENOTE:  Curious about Sarah’s tarot cards from Episode 4?

After watching episode 4 of this season, I got to wondering if Sarah’s card placement actually meant anything. Surprisingly, her reading seemed pretty accurate from my novice interpretation:

“Shockingly,” Sarah is thinking about Gwen. Sarah’s subconscious is trying to tell her something (remember the mermaid dream?) and she should be reasonable in all her judgments if she wants to bring balance. In the past she was insecure and indecisive, and was calm in solving her problems, while her future contains happiness and success (apparently not in relation to Gwen). Sarah is currently enthusiastic, full of energy, impatient, demanding, and controlling, and is causing someone in her life to feel unstable (I’m pretty sure that was Gwen). Sarah is clinging to the past (Gwen), because she doesn’t want anything to change, but she needs to let go and not use it as a security blanket. Overall, Sarah needs to be patient, as things are about to happen quickly (unfortunately, that seemed to mean her being dumped).

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