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By: Samantha

Spring Break has finally arrived. Let the tomfoolery begin. For those of you who are home for Spring Break and are  running dry on ideas for spicing things up while you’re stuck at home, here are a couple of ideas from the OJBG Headquarters. We are, as you know, VERY experienced in matters of tomfoolery.

There's nothing like Grandma's cooking.

1. Cook with your mom. 

You’re home with lots of free time. Take advantage of that time and learn something from your parents. I personally plan to sit in the kitchen with my mother and attempt to learn how she makes some of my all-time favorite family meals. Regardless of the person or the skill, take this time to ask your dad about how he trades stocks, how your brother makes those perfect three pointers, how your grandmother makes those mysterious sandwiches you love, or how to do that new piano duet with your sister. There is no source of richer knowledge than those of your family members and this is the time to take advantage of them.

A baby photo of yours truly.

2. Look through old photographs. 

Every time I visit home, I spend an hour or so going through old photographs, scrapbooks, videos etc. If you’re feeling down or stressed out about your current status either academically or socially, watching yourself at six years old trying to ride a bike puts into perspective all that you have already accomplished thus far in your life. Revel in your accomplishments and don’t let the small things beat you down this break.

Good food with good friends.

3. Visit old friends.

The saddest part about going to high school or college, is that often, some of your closest friends can’t come along with you. However, now is the time to call up those friends and plan a night dedicated to some serious catching up on all that has happened thus far in the school year. At your favorite diner. At like 3:46 in the morning.

Let the good times roll.

4. Rage.

Okay, well, party. You’re home! Your friends are in town! Throw a party. Have some fun. Get together with all of your old pals and celebrate that you managed to assemble in one room. Dance to cheesy 90s songs from the good old days and dress up in the ugliest attire you own. Take an obnoxious amount of pictures and plaster them all over Facebook. It will be great blackmail for later on in your friendship.

Laziness defined.

5. Do nothing. 

Let’s face it. We’re all burnt out. Chances are you just finished a week of midterm exams, papers, and projects  and you haven’t slept longer than two and a half hours in that entire span of time. It’s not a sin to simply bum it out in your house. Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have any roommates, there is a fully-stocked fridge and cable in your house, and you don’t have to wear flip flips in the shower. I will probably stand in the shower for about 15 minutes the first night I’m home just so I can relish in the fact that my feet are touching the tub. Enjoy the comforts of home and the freedom from school. It won’t exist for very long, so take advantage of it while its still there.

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  1. Sam!! The baby picture of you is utterly ADORABLE

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