OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s

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By: Samantha

Momentos from the Chefs

1. Komi (Dupont Circle)

Well, this place is so fabulous they don’t even have a menu posted on their website. All we are allowed to know is that a meal at Komi is $135 a person and you’re not allowed to take photos. Thank goodness for the Internet because I was able to find some sneaky shots of the food at Komi and frankly, it looks delicious. IT HAS TO BE FOR $135 A PERSON. If anyone reading this has been fortunate enough to dine at this seemingly secret society, please comment with a review. All I can say is I am determined to eat here AND take pictures.

Komi Restaurant Website 

2. Titanic in 3D

Every girl that grew up in the 90s will be fleeing to the movie theater this weekend. Why? To see their favorite heartthrob come back to the big screen in his infamous role as Jack Dawson for the RE-RELEASE of Titanic in 3D.  Any opportunity to see Leonardo DiCaprio’s face in 3D should be taken advantage of, regardless of the cost or inconvenience.

*Tip: Get to the theater EARLY. There will be so many teeny boppers running rampant you won’t be able to find an empty seat.

Titanic in 3D

3. La Tomate (Dupont Circle)

OJBG creator, Otessa Ghadar, LOVES this restaurant. She said that her and her girlfriends have been going to La Tomate since they were youngsters in middle school and it still never gets old. With sunny days ahead in the District, dine on the patio, take in the sights, and enjoy a good old plate of carbs. Delishhh.

*Tip: Order the Trenette al Nero di Seppia “La Tomate.” It’s squid-ink linguine and it’s delicious.

The Crazed Lovebirds

4. Crazy Love

For those of you that want a couple hours free from the hustle and bustle of DC , snuggle up on your couch and  break out Crazy Love. Crazy Love is a “noir thriller” documentary about Burt and Linda Pugach, two people that met on the street one day and fell into a torrid love affair in the late 1950s. Their relationship later unravelled into a sensational violent mess headlined in the newspapers and was later chronicled in a 2007 documentary directed by Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens. Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8Pt8N9OgtA The documentary can be rented or purchased on iTunes.

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