OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha

1. Pizzeria Paradiso (Georgetown)

The best pizza in Washington, DC hands down is at Pizzeria Paradiso. Nestled on M Street in Georgetown with a second location in Dupont Circle, this restaurant boasts the most delicious pizza pies I have encountered thus far in the District. The prices aren’t too bad, but then again, I would pay in gold to get another slice.

*Tip: The Siciliana is my personal favorite. It was superb. Try it out.


2. Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe (Dupont Circle)

Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Ravioli at the Afterwords Cafe. Delish

Kramerbooks is a total staple as far as DC hot spots are concerned. The full book store and adjoining Afterwords Cafe are the best option for killing a couple of hours on a cozy Sunday afternoon. The Afterwords Cafe is surprisingly reminiscent of a swanky cafe in Manhattan with a rocking’ array of dishes on the menu and even swankier live music selections. To top it all off, the store and the cafe are open until 1 am on weekdays and 24 hours Friday and Saturday. Done deal.

*Tip: The lemonade is quite excellent. The nachos are delicious as well.


3. Crepeaway (Foggy Bottom)

College students in DC have seven food groups: fats, dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, and Crepeaway. Crepeaway delivers from 6 to 11:30 every night and has some serious deals for crepes both savory and sweet. With a new location just opened by NYU and quick and easy online ordering, college students in this country’s two major cities can now enjoy crepes delivered to their dorm rooms every night as they cram for the next morning’s big exam.

*Tip: The Toto crepe is my personal favorite. Strawberries and Nutella are the secret to complete happiness- in case you were wondering.


4. Lou Lou’s (Dupont Circle)

This is the cutest accessory boutique in Dupont Circle. If you’re looking for a new pair of earrings or a cute clutch, this is your best bet. The prices are fab and the merchandise is  way too adorable. As soon as I get off at OJBG, I’m running over there because I really want a new clutch. Do you need any new accessories? Head on over to Dupont!

*Tip: There is a huge assortment of clip-on earrings for those chicks who never endured the pain of the ear gun in the middle of the mall at age 2.


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