Tuesday Top (weekly obsessions)


by Otessa:

1.  The newest episode of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden

It’s called “Trial Expired” and I am really proud of this one.  Everyone did such a terrific job on this and I think it shows.  Ellen Winter and Rachel Peterson practically bleed for their roles, and the Production Design and costumes and the location and the editing.  So many people came together and gave so much. And it makes me feel very lucky to have been the director to work with such talented and wonderful people.



Our newest addition to our  web series family… This is “DATES”.  I love this show! Please have a look, and get pumped for the upcoming first episode.


 3. New Eyeglasses

Mine look like these… see above, and below.  You may be thinking, “Hm. Apparently she likes to look like an old man.” (I just looked at these images on the blog and had an epiphany.) But, these are actually quite elegant in person. I fell in love with them.

4. And again…

the other new pair


5. When THIS happened at the Oscars. 

memorable oscar moment


6. Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speech

His speech was so touching. He came off as such a truly classy gentleman.


7. When you have to change the batteries on your smoke detector and it just wont stop beeping.

Actually I hate that. But I still had to do this today. Boo.



they're so delicious! (via wikipedia)



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