Top 5 Fictional TV Bands


A super-sneak peak from later in the season with Sarah's 'yet to be-named' band!

By: Emily

So far in Season 5 we’ve got: Sarah and Gwen in a LDR, Davis ‘switching teams’ at camp, a budding romance between Robin and Tamsin…and Sarah holding auditions for the teenage essential: a garage band. There’ll be more on Sarah’s yet-to-be-named band later in this season but until then, here are my all-time Top 5 Made-For-TV Bands:

5) My So-Called Life – Frozen Embryos
The quintessential 90′s grunge TV show: My So-Called Life. Alas, Jordan Catalano’s band Frozen Embryos didn’t get much screen time since the series was cancelled– but we did get to see dreamy Jared Letto singing “I Wanna Be Sedated.” 
4) Freaks and Geeks – Creation

Jason Segal on drums, James Franco on guitar, and Seth Rogan on vocals = a total supergroup. Freaks and Geeks is another one of those cancelled-too-soon, intense cult-following TV shows and is pure 80′s teenage magic. The tentatively named ‘Creation’ also had another teenage band essential: Groupies.

3) Fraggle Rock -Fraggle Rock
Ok, I don’t know if this counts as a band– but Fraggle Rock was awesome. It’s a live-action puppet musical television show.  And they had albums, so it totally counts. The theme song give clear instructions to dance your cares away, and let the music play.
2) Gilmore Girls – Hep Alien
Lane Kim’s band Hep Alien was the bomb (especially back when Adam Brody was on Gilmore Girls before ditching for The O.C.) Sebastian Bach of Skid Row actually replaces him in the band as guitarist later in the series. Also, the soundtrack for that show was always very alt. and they had great guest appearances from The Sonic Youth, The Shins and The Bangles.
1) Doug – The Beets
The Beets are probably the greatest fictional band of all time. Doug and Skeeter are huge fan’s of the band who hail from ‘Liverpool’….Try listening to Killer Tofu without singing “Ah Ee Oohhh, Killer Tofuuu! Ee Ah Ee.” All. Day. Long.
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