1. Ra

If you’re looking for Sushi in Baltimore, do not go anywhere else but here. The sushi was delicious, beautifully assembled, and completely affordable. Plus, the restaurant is right in Fell’s Point, one of the oldest and most charming sections of Baltimore. Fill up on sushi and then take in the sights. Sounds like a perfect afternoon by the Harbor to me.

 *Tip: The fried ice cream is obnoxiously good.


The Fried Ice Cream. We destroyed it.

2. Da Mimmo’s

Behold, the matriarch of Italian food in Baltimore. Anyone who’s anyone has stepped inside Da Mimmo’s during at least one of their visits to Baltimore and you should act no differently. The restaurant has been honored with a series of major accolades over the past 25 years and boasts the best Veal Chop in all of Baltimore. The restaurant itself is two-tiered and features live music every weekend. Go now.

*Tip: Before you get seated, be sure to check out the owner’s display of photos surrounding the bar area. The owners are pictured with every celebrity imaginable. It’s truly impressive.


3. The Baltimore Love Project Murals

During your drive around Baltimore, play a game. See how many Baltimore Love Project Murals you can find. There are seven in total and they are located in different sections throughout Baltimore. They are truly wonderful murals and deserve some recognition.



4. Michael’s

Vegetarians, you may not want to read any further- just a warning. I do not know of any other restaurant in Baltimore that has an “Extra Thick Gourmet Cut Prime Rib” on their menu. Seriously, this is a sight for all to see…and try. I had the pleasure of ordering one this weekend and, although I only got 1/3 of the way through, it was an experience nonetheless. The restaurant features all of the traditional seafood dishes expected of Baltimore, including crab every way possible. This place is quite a gem and you should definitely experience it.

*Tip: The Cream of Crab soup was also quite delectable.


A photo of my personal order.

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