OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha

1. Nando’s Peri-Peri

Want chicken? Go to Nando’s. This Portuguese restaurant features traditional flame-grilled chicken in a variety of sauces and levels of spiciness. It’s super affordable, super adorable, and actually HEALTHY for you. Sounds like one of those win-win scenarios.

*Tip: The upstairs private room is perfect for group celebrations or parties. Book it.



2. Tonic

Oh, Tonic. Behold George Washington University’s hidden gem. If you’re in the mood for classics like Mac and Cheese, burgers, pizzas, and other plates Mom would put on your plate at the dinner table, head on over. It gets quite busy on Friday and Saturday nights, so be sure to call ahead of time for a reservation.


*Tip: The tater tots are a staple. Everyone who goes to Tonic must eat the tater tots. No excuses.


3. The Commissary

Well, we all know how much Washington, D.C. loves its brunch. The Commissary’s brunch is fantastic and the restaurant is just the place to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside on those lazy, disheveled Sunday afternoons.

*Tip: I have not personally eaten their chicken, but I have been told it’s the best tasting chicken in D.C. Just a suggestion.


4. The Monuments

It is President’s Weekend in the nation’s capital. I can’t think of any place more perfect to pay tribute to our country’s leaders and wars than the National Mall. We all know them and we all love them, but here are some insider tips on making your next visit to the Monuments this weekend extra wonderful:

The Lincoln Memorial: If you go to Lincoln’s second Inaugural Address engraved on one of the walls of the memorial, you can spot a mistake in the engraving. If you look for the phrase, “With high hope for the future,” you can see that the F in future was originally carved in as an E. To disguise the mistake, the bottom of the E was not painted in. Also, there are rumors that you can see Robert E. Lee’s profile in Lincoln’s hair.

The World War II Memorial: Look for the famous WWII popular icon figure, “Kilroy Was Here” engraved in the monument. Here’s a video with directions on how to find it:


The Washington Monument: When you arrive to the Washington Monument, sit at the bottom of the monument and lay down with your feet placed flat on the base. The view from that angle is truly just plain awesome.

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