Weekly Top 10 (1/8/12 – 1/13/12)


by Otessa

#1 Happy Birthday, David Bowie

  • #1  Happy Birthday to you, David Bowie.

Bowie’s b’day was yesterday, fyi.  And the thin white duke has the distinct honor of being 1 of 300 people, to decline HRH, the Queen’s offer of knighthood. In Ashley’s words: “How rock & roll of him”.


this leads me to #2 this week, which is…

#2 a helluva album cover


The awesomeness speaks for itself.


#3 Manba, cover image via Japanese magazine "Egg"

  • #3 MANBA… all hail the Japanese street look of the 90s

How cool are they?  The whole taking of Western surf culture…peppered w/ Ken & Barbie… and then, taking it to the EXTREME. Turning it into a pastiche. It’s just brilliant.


and speaking of pastiches… have you seen this?

#4 Muppets mock Twilight. win.

  • #4  MUPPETS POSTER — aka Muppets mock Twilight


#5 teen dreams and beauty queens. the ep

  • #5 TEEN DREAMS & BEAUTY QUEENS — the Beach Week EP is here

and it is great. You can have a listen and grab it for yourself at either CD-baby or iTunes. (yes ma’am/sir, those are hotlinked).


#6 Thunder & Lightning. live.

  •  #6 THUNDER. LIGHTNING. the way you love me is frightening.

OJBG favorite composer and person, Mr. Brent Katz, has a show coming up. So to those of you located in NYC, I highly recommend that you check out his upcoming show at the Glasslands.


  •  #7 OJBG’s upcoming EP

Yes, this is TRUE!   I was actually in the recording studio — of the very kind and talented music-guru, Ben Ozeki — just last week.  I was there with the lovely Ms. Ellen Winter (aka Sarah Roberts).  I am extremely excited. There will be 3 songs on the EP — all tracks written & inspired by tracks composed by Brent Katz, and then performed by members of the cast. There is even a song called “Me, I’m Afraid of Nothing” and it sounds like a Hawaiian/Western. It is my favorite.



#8 Geek Chic, via etsy BongaChopShop


It is made by “Bonga Chop Shop” (found on etsy). And all hail the New Orleans based designer who makes these charming and adorable finds. I wish I had known about her sooner. The wallets she makes would have made great stocking-stuffers.

Check out the etsy shop HERE.


#9, Looking for Alibrandi


I’ve been on a kick lately — watching coming of age movies from Down Under. The above still is from the wonderful movie “Looking for Alibrandi”, which is based on the eponymous book, “Looking for Alibrandi”, written by Melina Marchetta. Marchetta is absolutely amazing. Her book “On the Jellicoe Road” was  one of the favorites that I read last year.

(*And PS if you haven’t seen Peter Weir’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock” from ’75 –then I suggest you go see it… run, NOW. It’s a staple of Aussie cinema. And it’s that good.)

And now for some “Honorable Mentions from OZ” :

#9 tomorrow when the war began

The above still is from the movie  ‘Tomorrow When the War Began” (which is based off John Marsden’s best-selling book/series of the same name).  Some reasons why it is great:  Post-Apocalyptic survival story. Bad-Ass female lead. Coming-of-Age element.  Lush Scenery. Strong Action Sequences with compelling cinematography.

#9 cont'd: "Puberty Blues"

And of course there is “Puberty Blues”.  I know, I know, the name is kind of cringe-worthy. But, don’t be fooled by the slightly-sacharine name. The movie  explores the extreme darkness and light of being 13, in the ’79 Sydney suburbs.  The movie is (like the others listed in #9) based off a book of the same name. Incidentally, the book created quite a stir when it was published (mainly because the authors were only 18 when it was published, and also because the book was a candid auto-biographical account of their experiences being 13, and dealing with sex, heroin, and surfing).

#9 cont'd more "Puberty Blues"


  • #10  SEASON 5 of Orange Juice in Bishops Garden HAS BEGUN!

Hip, hip, HOORAY!

Watch the trailer here…

I hope that you  like, comment, & enjoy.  The first episode of Season 5 starts THIS FRIDAY! And new episodes roll-out weekly from then on — always new, always Friday. xoxo

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