Voluminous Hair for the Vixen-Impaired


By: Samantha

It’s Friday night and you want sexy, big hair á la Kim Kardashian or Beyonce for your night on the town with your best pals or flavor of the month. Your hair is naturally pretty straight, but you are determined to give it a boost. Much to your dismay, you end up spending an hour and half in your cramped bathroom with your curling iron only for your hair to fall flat ten minutes later.  The solution: a flat iron. Yes, you heard me correctly- a flat iron will fix this problem.

I can’t even recall anymore how many nights I have personally spent in my bathroom monotonously curling my hair for hours on end. I used to give up several hours of sleep in middle school and high school so that I could go to school with a beautifully curled mane. Unfortunately, I would visit the bathroom during the third class of the day, look in the mirror, and see locks as flat as pancakes.

If only my thirteen year old self had known that a FLAT IRON will keep your hair from going, well, flat because it does what a scissor does to ribbon: it creates dents in your hair that will cause it to naturally curl rather than rely on heat that will inevitably cool off like a curling iron does. As you go through your day, the curls will remain full and in tact because of the mini dents formed by the flat iron.

I could not understand how this method could possibly produce curls and remained skeptical of it until I tried it myself. I have been using a flat iron for a couple of years now to curl my hair and I have no idea how I ever did my hair before this hair revolution came about. It may take some practice, but I PROMISE you, cross my fingers, hand on my heart, swear to some divine creature, that this works and your hair will look fresh out of the salon without the $50+ price tag.

 Check out YouTube Beauty Guru Kandee Johnson’s video on how to properly use the flat iron to get your hair in high gear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIXqGjEO4Z8

Tips of the Trade:

  • All flat irons can curl. It does not matter what brand the flat iron is or how much it cost. If it heats up, you’re all set.
  • DO NOT hairspray every piece of hair. This is a sure fire way for your hair to flatten in five seconds. Curl your hair by layer and split each layer onto each side of your head. Once each side is done, spray the pieces altogether. Too much hairspray will weigh the curls down and ultimately make them go flat.
  • Once all of your hair is curled, gently brush through the curls to achieve a more natural, bouncy look.
  • The slower you pull the flat iron through the piece of hair, the tighter the curl will be and vice versa.
  • At the end of the night, lightly brush through your hair and twist it into a loose, high bun and secure with a hair tie. When you wake up, your hair will still have most of the bounce from the night before.
So, there you have it ladies (and gentlemen if you’re into this sort of look). I wish you luck and please comment with any questions, concerns, or other tips for all of the other OJBG beauty gurus out there.










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