Twin Sister at the Rock and Roll Hotel


By: Emily White

An over-sized white sweater has never looked so good. On Monday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel, Twin Sister took the stage and entranced the audience with their shimmering art-pop. The band drifted to and dabbled in disco, dream-pop, funk, freak-folk, and synth-rock– never settling on a distinguishable sound. But lead singer, Andrea Estella was the literal  ’star’

From the minute she took the stage, Estella was mesmerizingly odd. She swayed and eyed the audience coyly, thanking them for bringing her out of a daze as she simultaneously placed them into one. She reminded me of an anime character, both sweet and slightly deranged with comically dazed facial expressions and girlish movements. Her black eyes were in striking contrast to her long, fried, bleach-blond hair and all-white outfit.

Estrella went green for the Pitchfork Music Fest (you know we love colored hair, just look at Sarah Roberts!)

Something about Estella made me feel both uneasy and at peace– like falling into a psychedelic day-dream. Twirling in  her long pleated skirt and playing with her sweater, she cooed through the show. She continually crouched down in her ankle boots in-between sets to take a sip from her Guinness. She is undoubtedly on her way to becoming the next indie darling.

Estella’s odd stage presence paired with the shimmering disco beats, sexy vocals, and a twinkling soundscape left me feeling woozy and enchanted. Definitely check out the bands first full-length album, Heaven. And listen to some of their addictive songs here:

Bad Street

All Around and Away We Go

Lady Daydream


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