The Newest Show on Television is a SMASH!


 By: Samantha

   There is a new television show in town and you need to be watching it. It’s called Smash and I can’t help but think after watching the pilot episode, this show is going to be quite a…well…SMASH. The show stars Katharine McPhee, American Idol old-timer and actress, and Megan Hilty, Broadway star, as two aspiring singers as they compete against each other to win the coveted role of Marilyn Monroe in a new Broadway production based on the screen siren’s life.

            It’s no surprise to me that I loved the pilot episode of this show because it encompasses everything in life that I love: theater, belting, sequins, lipstick, and Marilyn Monroe. However, no matter your personal interests, I think most people can truly enjoy the drama and unintentional suspense that seems to organically develop within the plotline of this new venture. Simply speaking, how could the tale of two women competing for the big break that will get them out of the ruts of their lives not be suspenseful? I watched the pilot episode with my male friend who is obsessed with politics and has not a clue about anything involving performance, music, Broadway, or Marilyn, and yet, he was completely mesmerized by the TV screen. It was almost uncanny.

Fresh-faced Katharine McPhee is completely charming and wonderfully likeable as she attempts to defy the odds and resist the dirty pitfalls of show business in an attempt to make her dreams come true. The show also stars actresses Anjelica Houston and Debra Messing and Broadway star Christian Borle.

So, basically what I am trying to say is jump on the Smash train and be sure to download the pilot episode off of iTunes for FREE! The next episode will be aired right after the Super Bowl. How fitting: two major performances back to back.

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