The 90′s


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by Siara:

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As a frequent Metro customer, I am always overhearing conversation. One reoccurring topic among the older generation tends to be about how things were different when they were growing up. Their stories tend to start with the phrase “Back in my day” and then they go on to recollect about life in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s etc. But, I cannot venture that far into the past, so I will reminisce on what i remember growing up in the 90′s.

People rented VHS’s not DVD’s.
Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Doug were among the most popular cartoons.
Gas cost approximately $1.16 in 1995.
Kickball was the game of choice.
You used a walkman to listen to music.
$4.23 was the average price of a movie ticket.
It was cool to have shoes that lit up.
Road Rules was a big hit on MTV.
Bill Clinton was President.
You did not have a cellphone, but a pager.
Children had a digital Tamagotchi pet.

…These are just a few of the things I recall whilst thinking about my childhood.

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