Rare Bit of the Day (1/17/12)


by Otessa

Pauly Shore in his hey-day

Pauly Shore was like Samson: his power was in his hair.  And when he cut it… ):

May we please raise a glass to the man who brought us “Encino Man”, “Biodome”, “Son in Law”,  memorable MTV Spring Breaks,  an actual VJ, and …”Lisa, Lisa the one I adore” ??! — okay maybe not that last one.

Should we even raise  a glass?  In the wise words of Kathleen Hannah (via Le Tigre): “misogynist!? genius!? …alcoholic!”

Poor Pauly, he faked his own death, in an attempt to surreptitiously have a documentary made about himself — in the hopes that death would salvage his reputation. Unfortunately, not even death was able to salvage him, people still hated him. Perhaps time will soothe his wounds. He should have never cut those locks.

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