OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha

Super Tacos

Don’t let this discreet “Mom and Pop” small Mexican restaurant fool you. It’s delicious. It may seem ordinary  from the outside, but Super Tacos is home to traditional Mexican food that will melt in your mouth without melting your wallet. The food is cheap and the owner is friendly and, as an added bonus, totally cute. The restaurant also has a full bakery offering up traditional cakes and pastries all week long.

*Tip: Super Tacos sells Orange Crush. In the original bottle. Can’t get more old school than that.



Founding Farmers

I can’t remember if I’ve ever included Founding Farmers in a Weekend Walk-In’s edition. Regardless, it MUST be mentioned. The restaurant is far from a best-kept secret in D.C. Pretty much everyone knows and loves this restaurant, but for the unique few that are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to enlighten you. Founding Farmers is the Mecca of restaurants in D.C. It’s chic, sophisticated, has a fully stocked bar, and is packed every night of the week. The food is amongst the most delicious I have ever eaten. Mind you, I’ve eaten food from over fifteen different countries- Founding Farmers is just that good. It’s a little pricey, but absolutely worth it. Make a reservation and take the person you like the most out to eat. Or just bring your mom. Just kidding. Love you, Mom.

*Tip: My personal favorite is the Skirt Steak Enchilada. It’s so incredibly epic.


Beyond Therapy

Do you think your love life has a gone a tad bit awry? Well, join in the company of some eccentric characters as they navigate the complexities of their attractions in this weekend’s performance of Christopher Durang’s Beyond Therapy produced by Generic Theater Company in Foggy Bottom. Pick a night and be sure to catch one of the four performances this remarkable cast will be putting on tonight and tomorrow night in the Lisner Downstage.

*Tip: Special shout outs to my wonderfully talented friend and fellow actor, Matt Rist! Break a leg, Barfee!




I always like to include an alternative to going out on these blog posts, just in case you’ve had a particularly tiring week and want to lay on the couch for an eternity…or just for a couple of hours or so. If that’s the case for you this week, I have brought you a special new treat: Pinterest.com. I discovered Pinterest back in October and have wasted countless hours on it ever since. The website acts as a virtual pin board where you can collect, organize, comment, and label images for yourself or on other people’s accounts. It’s like Google images meets Facebook meets . Whether you’re planning your wedding, redecorating your home, painting your nails, organizing your office, looking for date outfit ideas, cutting your hair, need a new dessert recipe etc. you can find it on Pinterest. Check it out. You will have a blast.

*Tip: When you’re starting out on the website, you have to be put on a “waiting list” before you can get a Pinterest account. Don’t be discouraged. It only takes a couple of days and then you’ll gain access. Patience is a virtue.


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