OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha


Manouch is a legend and it’s likely that if you are not an 18 to 21 year old GW student or graduate of the university, you probably don’t know of him or his hot dog stand. Allow me to shed some light on this infamous late night vendor. Manouch’s Hot Dog Stand is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from about 11 to the wee hours of the morning. He serves the most delicious hot dogs I have ever tasted (even in comparison to infamous NYC dirty water dogs). The food is dirt cheap, you are sure to make friends waiting on the usual line, and if you are dealing with a problem, talk to Manouch about it while he prepares your dog. He’ll definitely have some words of wisdom for you.

*Tip: As far as toppings go, just ask him for “the works.” That usually includes ketchup, mustard, onions, cheese, chilli, and his famous “GW sauce.” Just eat it. It’s heavenly.


Theater Look-In at the Kennedy Center

If you’re like me and don’t have the $50+ to go see a musical performance at the Kennedy Center, the Kennedy Center is now hosting a series of “Theater Look-In’s” where you can sit in on discussions with the casts of the musicals going up at the Kennedy Center. You have the chance to ask the actors questions and get an “inside look” at the entire process of putting on the show. The best part is that it’s only $12!

*Tip: This season, there are Theater Look-Ins for The Addam’s Family and La Cage aux Folles. Tickets can be purchased on the Kennedy Center website.




I’ll be honest. I don’t know much about Ethiopian food and I have never been to Etete, but every time I research new restaurants in DC, Etete always manages to show up in my searches. It’s gotten rave reviews from pretty much everyone except the Queen of England. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like pretty good odds to me.

*Tip: Parking seems to be an issue at Etete on Friday and Saturday nights since U Street is a bumping locale on the weekends. Take the metro or hop in a cab.


Bobby’s Burger Palace

Oh, Bobby Flay. Why do you tease me so? Anyone looking for their newest burger addiction look no further than K Street in Foggy Bottom. There you will find Foggy’s newest establishment, Bobby’s Burger Palace, whipped up by none other than celebrity Chef extraordinaire, Bobby Flay. The burgers are super tasty and come in all kinds of combinations, including but not limited to potato chips, blue cheese crumbles, and goat cheese. The shakes come flat or spiked and the fries come sweet or crisped. Plus, the inside looks like you stepped right into Toy Story’s Pizza Planet. I’d say it’s an excellent choice when you need a new spin on your usual after-work drinks with friends routine, or if you just want delicious food.

*Tip: The French fry dipping sauce is the best. Don’t neglect it.


PS: Rest in Peace, Etta James. You were a diamond. 

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