OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha


My roommate and I would constantly notice the ornate exterior of this Georgetown restaurant every time we went for a walk around town. Finally, we decided it was time to make a reservation and find out what the interior looked like. We got all dolled up for a girl’s night out and to little surprise, we discovered that Bodega was precisely the right location for a classy night in D.C. The restaurant is richly decorated in dark tones and decadent wallpapers and the tapas compliment the décor with their bold flavors and interesting combinations. The New Year deserves some adventurous new cuisine, and I suggest you start off with Bodega.

            *Tip: The Arroz Meloso al Azafrán con Gambas, or the creamy saffron rice with grilled shrimp tapas plate was our favorite. Perhaps it will be yours too.



Award Season

            It is my personal favorite time of the year because it is AWARD SEASON. With the Golden Globes this Sunday, and the Oscars soon to follow, it’s time to catch up on this year’s best films, television shows, and performances before they announce the winners of those coveted golden statues. My personal favorites for this year include The Help and Midnight in Paris. What were yours?

            *Tip: For those teens reading this that will be going to prom in the spring, the best inspiration comes from award shows. Pay attention to the star’s dresses, jewelry, shoes, bags, makeup, and hairstyles. It is way easier to develop your own look with a little inspiration and the award shows can give you HOURS of it.

The New Year

            We are already a full two weeks into the New Year. Perhaps it’s the optimist in me, but I think the New Year is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your life’s course and change some things that may not be beneficial to you and your well being. Whether it’s a change in jobs, a new hobby, revamped eating habits, more exercise, a new haircut, or any other form of change, the time is now for a terrific new year.

PR at Partners Salon and Spa

            If your New Year’s resolution is to revamp your look, you should head over to the PR at Partners Salon in Foggy Bottom. I recently visited the salon to correct a botched hair-dye job and I could not have had a more pleasant experience. The hair stylists take the time to discuss with you your concerns, desired look, hair type, and management time before they touch anything. Aside from haircuts and coloring, the salon also does hair removal, facials, and other spa services. There are 14 other locations throughout D.C. and Virginia. This salon and spa also specializes in rejuvenating clients’ entire looks, from their hairstyle to their makeup and clothing through makeup and stylist consultations, perfect for New Year makeovers. For more information, check out their website.

            *Tip: Jonathan was my hairstylist at the K Street Salon. He was fabulous, extremely receptive, and most welcoming. He walked me through every step of the process, answered all of my questions, and was full of conversation. Plus, my hair looked excellent when he was finished. I highly recommend him.


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