Weekly Top 10 (12/5 – 12/9/11)


by Otessa

1. Best Macaroon in the District.

photo by me (Otessa Ghadar) :)

is at Paul, in Georgetown (1078 Wisconsin Ave, near M st, NW). The macaroons come in 2 sizes: small & x-large. Just look at this beauty — an extra large pistachio macaroon…it was so luscious and delicious, you would’ve sworn it had been freshly made at Laduree in Paris, specially for Marie Antoinette. Yes. It’s that good. See the pic?

Want more: read more coverage, here, at dc-eater.



2. Big Bear Cafe, in Bloomsbury

photos by capitolspiceblog.com, flickr user "stereogab", Corbo E. (via Yelp), & Jim Malone (via dcist.com)

I haven’t been there yet but I am theoretically obsessed. Really need to make it out there.

PS Check out more of stereogab’s flickr pics: HERE. And check out more of Jim Malone’s photostream: HERE.

photo via bigbearcafe-dc.com

For more pics & reading… you can go: here (capitolspiceblog), here (Yelp), and here (dcist) for some interesting reading about the ANC5c v. BBC liquor license debacle.

To check out Big Bear’s website, click here.



3. McMillan Reservoir’s Sand Filtration System

photo via Tyler Nelson flickr user "mediaslave"

Beautiful Urban Decay. Sigh…

I am going to be doing a follow-up post about McMillan, later this week, complete with more beautiful pictures.  So please keep a look out for that. The site is just too beautiful to just skim over like this…

In the meantime, see some more beautiful pics from mediaslave’s photostream: here.

Read more about the place and support it: here (@ ourmcmillan.com).  ps Thanks scoutmob for the “where is this” tip.



 4.Hi-top fades

#1 (L) Kid 'n' Play and (R) Big Daddy Kane with some super-inspiring hi-top fades (photos via theurbanconnection.wordpress.com)

I really wish my hair could do this. This is like a metonymic representation of  a golden era for me (namely the late 80s and early 90s)  and it makes me all wistful for my childhood. Anyone out there rock them back then?

I feel like I’ve been seeing some bellwether trendsetters rocking these around the district… and it makes my day. Damn they look so cool.

Also, how great were Kid ‘n’ Play’s “House Party” movies?  Go have a marathon right now!


 5. Ice Skating + Hot Chocolate at the National Gallery.

Photo © by Rob Shelley, National Gallery of Art (via dc.about.com)

It’s chilly, so go skating.  And then you can warm up by either drinking yummy hot chocolate OR by going inside afterwards to check out all the  lovely (*free!*) exhibits at the neighboring museums.  It’s ideal for dates of both the friendly, or significant-otherly kind. Also if you hate chocolate, they have delicious apple cider too…   Don’t you just love how everyone’s cheeks get all rosy after being out ice-skating?  …and how everyone is so bundled up and snug?  Ice skating is like a sure-fire serotonin booster. (bonus: even if you lack the ability of this high-ability-threshold sport,  it’s still oodles of fun.)

The skate rink is opened ’till 9pm Sunday – Thursday, and ’till 11pm on weekends. $8 gets you 2 hrs of fun, plus $3 for skates. It’s price- equiv. to going to the movies, but has more magic.  For more info go to the Official Site here.



 6. 100% free Juice Joint … yay juice. yay free

#6 100% free juice, image via scoutmob.com

get the juice and app: here.  Juice Joint is downtown, @ 1025 Vermont Ave., NW.  You can also check out their website here . (How cute the site’s animated pineapple…?)


And now begins the part of the Top 10, that  I will call the “Nerd Special”… it’s all geek themed, and 100% awesome.



7.  60′s Star Trek fashion

BAMF's , via wikipedia

I mean just look at this — super inspirational.

Still don’t believe me…?

Check out these images from the primary/proposed pilot, “The Cage”… which DIDN’T feature Shatner, DID feature a smiling Spock (!?), and  proudly featured a female XO, aka “Number One”.

I need these .

Bill Theiss (the costume designer for Star Trek TOS) was a god.



8. Leonard Nimoy

photo via mmwithemma.blogspot.com

He’s my hero.  I hope that one day I find myself sitting next to him on a plane, or at a diner.


9.  Neverland Redux… or maybe scratch that. (Muppets anyone?)

Ok so Part 1 aired Sunday night, and quite frankly, I wasn’t impressed. (It seemed like they took out all the joy & magic.) Where’s the joy? Hopefully it will appear like a rabbit out of tonight’s hat, when I watch my DVR’ed pt2. You can watch it a 9/8central on Syfy.  Don’t even get me started on the scifi channel’s new name.

Actually come to think of it… maybe you should just watch the new Muppets Movie instead. Can we just re-elect a previous obsession to be this week’s #9.  Yes, I think we can…


#10 support the DIY (e)book movement. Read the excellent short story "Hello, Moto" by Nnedi Okorafor. Check out TOR.com. (illustration by Goni Montes via tor.com)

10. Nnedi Okorafor. DIY (e)book movement. Nollywood. And the site that brings you this righteous flashpoint= TOR.com

Reading free pdf’s, of excellent short stories & books, on TOR.com  is awesome — also honorable mention to the TOR.com website. It’s excellent.

I do consider myself somewhat of an Analog Girl and I love the physical reality of a book…

But, I realized this summer, that so many DIY authors are putting themselves and their work out there, as free ebooks and pdfs. And I was really robbing myself of some brave new voices in literature by not immersing myself in the e-book world.  so–

Revel in the counter-culture of the new movement.  –As a starter I recommend checking out Peter Watts (try his “Starfish”, which is an excellent +bleak cyberpunk novel)and Cory Doctorow (who while a “serious published author” has also been a forerunner and strong proponent of self-published/creative commons literature.)  Click on the authors’ names in that last sentence to get their free books.  (hey thnx feedbooks.com!)

I’m especially psyched about a Nnedi Okorafor story that TOR has up right now.  (Read it HERE.)   She is a bright new voice in SF, who sets her work in a darkly futuristic Africa.  The story is supposed to be the perfect blend of witchcraft, science, and Nollywood. Oh, and what is Nollywood, you may ask… it’s a term heralding Nigerian film and its attendant  cultural/media boom.





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