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By: Samantha

Prepare yourself: here is one of my many shameless attempts to come to publicize the five upcoming performances of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the George Washington University. Your loyal and devoted blogger, yours truly, Samantha, will be performing in the show, so I ask any and all of you out there to PLEASE head on over to Foggy Bottom this weekend for a night filled with juvenile hilarity.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee debuted on Broadway in 2005 and was nominated for six Tony Awards. The basic premise of the musical is six middle school children competing in a county spelling bee in the hopes of winning and going on to compete in the national spelling bee. Each of the six children have their own quirk, which continuously adds to the comedy of the one-act performance. The unique aspect of the show that many people may not know about is that four audience members are selected to compete in the spelling bee alongside the actors, giving the characters added competition in winning the bee and achieving their greatest childhood dream.

The show is full of vibrant, funny, and sometimes heart-wrenching musical numbers including “ I Speak Six Languages,” “My Friend The Dictionary,” “”Pandemonium,” “Prayer of the Comfort Counselor,” “Woe is Me,” “I’m Not That Smart,” “Magic Feet,” and the well-known “The I Love You Song.” Each song adds a new layer to the children’s personas, offering a greater explanation of who they are as children and how they ended up at the spelling bee.

Forbidden Planet Productions, one of George Washington University’s premier theater companies, will be putting the show up this weekend, December 8th through December 10th on their Mount Vernon Campus near Georgetown. Feel free to visit the Facebook event for more details about times, location, and tickets:

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