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By: Samantha

Since the last two weeks have been filled with Putnam County Spelling Bee rehearsals, finals, and now a stomach virus, it is needless to say that I haven’t had  a whole lot of time to go adventuring throughout D.C. However, as the holidays quickly approach us, I figured it would be a good idea to chat about personal favorite and traditional holiday movies to check out as we all prepare for the upcoming weeks.

1. Home Alone

Home Alone is the classic tale of a boy left behind and home alone by his family right before Christmas. He instantly gets himself into many comical and sometimes dangerous shenanigans involving after-shave, the creepy old next door neighbor, and two crooks looking to tear his house apart. It is McCauley Culkin’s most famous childhood performance.

*Tip: Don’t miss the scene with the pizza boy. It’s the best.

2. The Holiday

For those of you that enjoy painfully and embarrassing wonderful romantic comedies, I suggest The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. It is the tale of two women who find themselves right before Christmas in a complete mess with their significant others. In a desperate attempt to salvage themselves, they swap houses, countries, and men.

*Tip: For those of you who have suffered from unrequited love, you will definitely enjoy the scene when Kate Winslet’s character gets a visit from her ex in California.


3. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen is the new Santa in this 90s classic. Watch as he patches up his relationship with his son, gets himself into some tricky situations, and finally rediscovers the joy of living.

*Tip: I always wanted to know what the Hot Chocolate at the North Pole tasted like.

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  • Ellen

    You left out the best one! “A Christmas Story” is SUCH a classic. I watch it every Christmas day, and it’s always hilarious.