Five Beauty Secrets Inspired By Hollywood’s Original Leading Ladies


By: Samantha

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, I have turned to scouring the Internet in search of inspiration for an incredibly wonderful and original outfit to kick off 2012. My manic search has resulted in hundreds of photographs of Hollywood’s leading ladies at the height of their careers, dressed to the nines and looking absolutely stunning. So, I know those of you who may be reading this will ultimately have varying ideas of what you would like to wear as you welcome in the new year, so consider the following just some more inspiration that I have also discovered for myself, not just for your look on New Year’s Eve, but for every day and night of this new year. Goodbye to 2011 and cheers from OJBG with all of you to 2012- a year to look simply smashing!


1.  Don’t be afraid to change your hair color.

            Rita Hayworth began her career as a dark-haired beauty and eventually dawned every hair color possible, from platinum blonde to fire engine red. If you are debating whether or not to go for that lighter or darker hue, be like Nike and just do it. Hair is about having fun and playing with your personal style and appearance. Just be sure to consult with your hair stylist beforehand to see which shade of that particular color is best for your skin tone and eye color. Worse comes to worse, you can always dye your hair back to its original color. It’s worth the risk.

2. Find that “it” outfit.

            Marilyn Monroe was pictured wearing one of the most iconic dresses of our lifetime, and through this, she taught us that a great dress, or a great outfit overall, is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Keep a look out for that stellar dress that highlights all of your curves, that sleek tuxedo that hugs your body like a glove, or that head wrap that  makes you shine in a packed room. Once you find that outfit or item that you absolutely adore, buy it immediately and never let it go. Oh, and of course find an equally killer pair of shoes to finish it off.

PS: Today, I fell in love with biker cut-off gloves encrusted in fake jewels and bought them on the spot. My mother thought I was ridiculous. I don’t really care- it’s love.


3. Groomed eyebrows are essential.

            Vivien Leigh starred in over 15 feature films throughout her extensive career. Regardless of her role, one factor remained constant: her full, arched, and groomed eyebrows. Eyebrows do not only frame your eyes, but your entire face, so it is imperative that they are nicely shaped. Unlike the pencil-thin trends of the 70s and 90s, 2012 prefers a much fuller eyebrow, so don’t be afraid to rock some Brooke Shields brows. Experts have said that fuller eyebrows keep women looking youthful well into their 80s. If you have fallen victim to the pencil-thin trends of the earlier decades and your brows are looking a little skinny, grab a brown eyeliner pencil or some brown eye shadow and gently work it into your brows for a fuller look. If you’re having trouble, there are hundreds of tutorials and articles on how to do this on YouTube and Google.


4. Embrace your curves.

            When Sophia Loren stepped onto the Hollywood scene with her full bust and hips, she was not turned away. Instead, she was admired and well received for her fierce beauty and feminine mystique. Loren wore pieces that hugged her curves rather than hide them away or box them in.  If you have a fuller bust, some excellent hips, or a fine behind, show it off. Other women will respect you, and some may even envy you.

5. Quirky is cool.

            Our favorite funny lady, Lucille Ball, taught us one major lesson: it’s never okay to be a bore. Don’t put yourself in a dull box. Feel free to be funny and quirky whenever you want. I have noticed that some women, especially younger women, feel the need to suppress their personalities if they are in new social situations, like a job interview or dinner with some girls they met in their class at college. In fact, those are the exact situations in which you should let your personality take the stage. Everyone loves a girl that is confident enough to crack a joke.

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