Weekly Top 11 (11 for week of 11/7 – 11/11/11)


by Otessa

#1 free scoop of the sweet

1.  Get a free scoop at T. Sweet’s in Georgetown, courtesy of Scoutmob. Get their app and see the deal here. OK, so I hardly ever make it out to Georgetown (no public transpo, no parking, weirdly preppy vibe) — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t LOTS to love out there. (Case in point: Baked & Wired, C & O canal, Moby Dick’s Kabob, etc, etc)

being a scoutmobster. peppermint & bittersweet flavors. photocred: Otessa Ghadar (yea, that's me)

And Thomas Sweet is just one of those lovely icons of the neighborhood. While most of the beloved Georgetown landmarks that I remember from being a kid — like Smash, Green Barrel, Commander Salamander, Au Pied du Cochon, & the Foundry’s 2nd run theater — are all closed,  Thomas Sweet is still alive and kicking.

And since Georgetown is such a bear to get to…once you ARE there, you may as well make a day of it.  And so begins a mini OJBG walking tour of the region.   (See #’s 1 through 5)


#2 C&O canal

2.  C&O canal… aka the Chesapeake & Ohio canal, nestled right in the heart of Georgetown.  Back in the days — and I mean waayy back, (before VHS or Beta) when the railroad industry was vying against the canal/lock system for dominance in the distribution of goods in the post-industrial age… well, way back then, the C&O canal was king, to the RR’s queen.

This was the original VHS vs. Beta, with the Locks vs. the Rails…and the rails won. Meanwhile the canals and locks have been relegated to historic preservation, nature towpaths, and fishing streams. Thank goodness for these perfectly preserved specimens.

how beautiful are they?  And to think this is all right here in the midst of our urban center…  PS You can read more about the history (I swear, it’s fascinating) here.


#3 sushi to go canal towpath

3.  the funny little sushi place that is on the C&O canal…I’ve always been obsessed with it, because it is actually ON the canal.


It doesn’t even have a “viable” google maps address– because it’s on a canal towpath, and not on a street. That is how old-timey it is– it defies google-mapping. I love it.


#4 Ching Ching Cha

4. Ching Ching Cha. So if you’re already in Georgetown (b/c of #’s 1-3) you may as well check out Ching Ching Cha. I’ve been dying to. It’s a tea and dumpling type place and it’s supposed to be excellent.


#5 Tidal Basin

5.  Let’s continue this little Georgetown walking tour… shall we?  How about, since this week features what may well be the last week of warm-ish sweater-ey weather, having a picnic on the Georgetown/Foggy Bottom Tidal Basin.


#6 Crazy for Cryin

6. Old Aerosmith Music Videos… remember when MTV (music television) used to actually PLAY MUSIC?! AHh, those were the days. And these old music videos are “nostalgia-crack”, bringing me back in the best possible way.  PS Isn’t “nostalgia-crack” a great turn-of-phrase…it’s from the super-quotable author & power-blogger, Phoebe North. She used it to describe Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden…aww!

Alicia Silverstone & Liv Tyler are unstoppable. I remember watching them at the age of 12, thinking to myself THIS is what it was to be older and cooler. It was oddly aspirational and mis-guided. but cute.


#7 liquid television. aeon flux. the head. etc


How amazing was Aeon Flux? The Head? Love them.  Miss them.

Now-a-days late-night MTV = Jersey Shore.  90′s MTV = Liquid TV.  Can you even imagine?

here…I’ve embedded an Aeon Epi right here…just for you!

On the bright side A. at least they brought back Beavis & Butthead.  Bright Side B. You can WATCH AEON FLUX on mtv-online!>!?  Who knew? Check it out & fulfill your needs:  here.


#8 wino(na) forever. photo courtesy of huffpost

8. Winona Ryder. Can we forgive her & bring her back already?  I miss the days when she graced the covers of those exploitation-mags (hello Us, OK, etc) … don’t you miss that?  How on earth are Spencer & Heidi preferably… really can anyone justify this all?


#9 T:SCC

9. Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I’ve recently begun a TV-viewing-bender of epic proportions with this show. It’s just that good. +It features excellent lines of script, like Sarah Connor’s: “Take one bag. Plus the guns. I’ll make pancakes.” badass.

(Damn you FOX, always cancelling your good shows!)  Firefly, TSCC,  Harsh Realm <– (“How could you?” say I) Arrested Development & Titus <– (Connor, our editor, says he wont forgive you for those either)


#10 Just comment already... I know you want to

10. When people COMMENT on this blog… C’mon people, I see the analytics– I KNOW YOU VISIT this blog… but why oh why will you not comment? You are breaking my heart ):


#11 11:11 11/11/11

11.  Kissing the clock on 11:11 of 11/11/11… aka *this Friday*  It will be highly auspicious– I can feel it. Grab those Quija boards and hang tight.



Honorable Mention:

Cafe LaRuche — (perfect complement to that Georgetown walking tour) — enjoy that lovely outdoor seating while you still can, before the weather turns its back on “balmy”


  1. I love this! Oh how I miss Georgetown terribly. All those sushi images are making me hungry too haha.

  2. I know…I just loveee sushi (:

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