Weekly Top 10 (11-21-11 through 12-2-11)


by Otessa

1. Molly Soda.


I know. I know.  “Internet Sensation” deserves the scare quotes… yes?? or no??  Check out her tumblr: here  and decide for yourself.  I think her whole “dear mom, sorry for going to art school” vibe is so cute.

kinda adorable.

And here is the thing — her style reminds me of my teenaged-self

…well, minus the putting naked pictures online.

(I’ll show you some of my old high old school pictures in another blog post!)

Actually my teen self vacillated between 1/2 Molly Soda and 1/2 …


2. Taissa Farmiga (aka Violet on “American Horror Story”) (aka my other 1/2)

Taissa Farmiga, as Violet. aka My Teen Self

This is the other, flip-side to the coin of my teen-aged self.  aka style rep #2 of former teen self.

Isn’t she just cute as a button?

And Vera Farmiga’s littlest sister is also a talented actor.

My Teenage Doppelganger... reveling in her sadness and listening to the Smiths

Taissa’s character Violet is just so tough, and sad, and put-off by life, and she has no idea just how sweet she actually is. But it’s not a sweetness instead of or despite of the toughness & sadness.  It doesn’t belie or disallow. It’s a sweetness that is inextricably linked to, and is BECAUSE of the hardness, and because she has no idea of its existence.



3. American Horror Story.

#3 American Horror Story, on FX

It really is that good. The performances are amazing. And no it is not just some schlocky shock-factor stuff, which you may have been made to believe.  Although, I find that it is far more enjoyable/less disturbing to watch during the DAYTIME, rather than when it is dark outside. (**Spoiler alert** –> The violent double-murder of the 60′s nurses, and the ensuing copy-cat murder scene were particularly disturbing to me. But I am also sensitive.)  Check out the show’s official page & watch bonus content etc: here.   And catch up on the show on hulu: here.

OK. Now let’s take a “Ceiling Tour” of Washington DC. (“What is a Ceiling Tour?” you may ask.  Have a look below…)


 4.  The ceiling of the Kennedy Center

The ceiling of the Kennedy Center (photocred: Laura Padgett)

photocred: Laura Padgett

and also the Kennedy Center at night …

photocred: Laura Padgett


 5. Kogod Courtyard’s Ceiling at the National Portrait Gallery

#5 Kogod Courtyard (photo courtesy of Laura Padgett)

check out more of Laura Padgett’s photostream: here.  And check out the museum’s official page & find out info on exhibits: here.



6. The Friendship Heights Metro Station  (for taking pictures & photo-ops)

It’s just so photogenic!

Friendship Heights (photo courtesy of: M.V. Jantzen)

and check out more of M.V. Jantzen’s photostream: here.


 7.  The Dupont North Metro Station (it’s the 6th longest escalator in the world)

and is also awesome for taking pictures

#7 Dupont North (photo courtesy of: M.V. Jantzen)

Also, and let’s call this one 7-and-a-half… When the Red Line actually runs on time.  That is always a special occasion.



8.Food Trucks!!

DC is having a renaissance. (Or, well, I’m not sure if this is a re-birth or just a first-time bloom). Let’s say we are experiencing a local Golden Age of food trucks.

Let’s hit up some bullet points, shall we…

fojol (photo courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/fojolbros)

  • Fojol Brothers of Merlindia and Benethiopia

I’ve been meaning to try out Fojol Bros. I keep hearing it’s great. And apparently one of its founders (err brothers) is a kid that I used to go to school with and I think it’s really cool that he started this.  He has become what seems to be part-food-truck-entrepreneur–part-cult-leader. So here’s a shout out for his endeavor. Kudos.

via www.facebook.com/fojolbros

PS They have a pumpkin & chicken dish, that I’ve been eager to try. (I love pumpkin. and chicken. and together they are mesmerizing).

PPS How amazing is their whole South Asian Merry Prankster vibe?

Further links for perusal / info on where they are when –>   website   twitter   facebook


  • Solar Crepes

I’ve also been keen on checking out Solar Crepes.  This one is in the Ballston and Arlington areas, for those of you a tiny bit farther afield.    Further links for perusal / info on where they are when –>    website    twitter


photo courtesy of http://redhooklobsterdc.com/

  • Red Hook Lobster Pound

And the lobster roll truck is pretty damn amaz too.   Further links for perusal / info on where they are when –>  website    twitter


  •  Curbside Cupcakes

word on the street is– try the red velvet.

Further links for perusal / info on where they are when –>  website    twitter


Dangerously Delicious Pie Truck, via facebook.com/dangerouspiesdc

  • DCPieTruck

It’s Dangerously Delicious’ food truck. (I’ve already blogged about Dangerously Delicious here) so you know how good they are. But this even better, b/c it comes to you!     Further link for perusal / info on where they are when –>  twitter


  • Sauca

photo via twitter.com/wheresauca

Is also supposed to be amazing global-fusion of epic proportions.

EG from banh mi to Mexicali fish tacos, you can get it here. Hooray to that.

Further links for perusal & for info on where they are when –>  website    twitter


  • Takorean

Korean tacos?  ooh…so fascinating…want to try. Already a fave in LA, the Korean taco experience has come to DC. Anyone tried it yet?   Further links for perusal & for info on where they are when –>  website    twitter



 9.   THANKSGIVING DINNER! Hooray for Turkey!! and…PIE!! And Leftovers!! (and the 1 turkey that the President will pardon)


Also let’s also tip our hats to this most bizarre and verging-on-perverse Washingtonian tradition of Presidential Pardons for Turkeys?!?!   Yes, that is right. Every year, the president “pardons” 1 singular turkey, freeing it from the bonds of being turned into his White House supper.  (Of course, they still eat turkey on Thanksgiving at the White House… it is just a different turkey.)  I would love to know the history and origin story of this whole thing. It’s just too too curious and weird.

Also… just what becomes of the pardoned turkey?  Is he put out to pasture and guaranteed a easy retirement in a community for active seniors?  Or is s/he just sent back to the slaughter-pool?

Does anyone know?! Can someone tell me??

PS In a moment of excellent synchronicity, Sam also/already blogged about the Turkey-pardoning-tradition (: Read it here.

PPS Apparently Obama pardoned not 1, but 2 turkeys this year, named Hope & Peace.


10.  The Brand-Spanking New Beavis & Butthead

Believe me, I wish I could say that I never found this funny. I also wish that I could claim that I no longer found it funny. But the new season of Beavis & Butthead is just as hilarious, just as secretly-inciteful, as crude, as occasionally-inane, and as uproarious as ever. Nothing in sacred. And it brings a smile to my face  *in much the same was as ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ brings me to the point of late-night-giggle-induced-mental-messiness.


left pic is from the infamous Daria episode_____ right pic is sneak peek at next wk's new ep

Is it just me or is MTV getting …(dare I say it) …kind of cool again? just maybe?  I mean Beavis & Butthead is in all it’s glory. The MGMT, Skrillex, & deadmau5 vids are pretty on point or “culturally-relevant”. And Beavis & Butthead’s skewering of the vids is effing hilarious.

Also, you can stream so many of the MTV greats on their website (eg have a late-night nostalgia-special watching Aeon Flux, B&B, etc etc…) by clicking HERE.  (See my other blog post about Aeon Flux, Liquid Television, 90s late-night  MTV, and online streaming HERE !)

I’ve also embedded the trailer for you — right here — b/c I’m nice.

Is it a brave new era?


Honorable Mention… Have you gotten your 100% free Z burger, yet?? (hey thanks, scoutmob!)


be thanksgiving-approved and get your free turkey burger

Check out the deal and get the app: HERE.

And don’t forget: they have veggie burgers and turkey burgers too!


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