OJBG’s Weekend Walk-ins


by Otessa

You sick?  We’re all sick over here (well most of us anyways). So today’s “Weekend Forecast” will be heavy on the sicky activities.

  • 1.         You been to the Toki Underground yet? It’s on H street in NE and it brings Ramen Noodles to new heights. (That broth! All about that broth.)  This aint your college years cup o’ noodles Maruchan.  Also it has nice cold Asian beers in big bottles to complement your soup.  With the early onset of the winter chills, and with a sore sore throat, a cup of warm broth really soothes a wounded soldier.    PS Check out more of R Lopez’ photostream here.

#2 You can't stop time, but you can turn it back.

  • 2.  Enjoy that EXTRA HOUR of sleep this weekend. That’s right, Daylight Savings Time ENDS…which means at 3am on Sunday Nov. 6, you can go ahead and wind that clock back for another go at 2am to 3am.  Anyone remember that EPISODE OF PETE & PETE — the Daylight Savings Episode, whereby they discover that since the *clock* winds back, *time* must ALSO wind back… meaning you can go wild and then get a Do-Over. In LIFE. Yes, it is excellent… so I will hail #3 as…


  • 3.  Watch Pete & Pete. especially that episode. (It’s season 2, episode 5…”The Time Tunnel”.)  Being sick is a great time to take a metaphorical stroll down memory lane.  And if you want more nostalgia, here is the Pete & Pete website, for trolling through. I dare say that the website is even more 90′s than the show is! (for that extra dose of nostalgia.)

Hand me my Riboflavin!


and for those of you NOT feeling under the weather… here are some livelier options:

#4 cupcakes & wings. together at last. Eat to beat...

  • 4.  This one is straight from Scoutmob… CUPCAKE & WING EATING CONTEST
    Saturday, November 5, 6 p.m. & 8 p.m.
    What do you get when you combine theINcrowd and DURKL? Awesome s@#t, that’s what. Especially this weekend when the two will host a wing and cupcake eating competition at DURKL’s warehouse at 443 I St., NW. And while you’re shoving your face full of Wingo’s wings and delicious cupcakes, you’ll ironically be helping to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. If you’re looking to participate, email shay@itstheINcrowd.com. Or just come to watch and enjoy the ambiance. There’ll be music by DJ Spicoli and Jamie Benson, as well as complimentary ice cream and beer. It’s only $3 at the door, but feel free to donate more. Remember, it’s for a good cause!
    More Information!

#5 ... #DCResidence @DCWeek

  • 5.  #DCResidence @DCWeek …Saturday, November 5, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    Sunday, November 6, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
    When social media and arts and culture collide, #DCRESIDENCE @DCWEEK is born. And my-oh-my, what a beautiful baby. Led by a group of creative community catalysts #DCRESIDENCE is an activation of four empty storefronts and a loft along the H Street Corridor in DC’s NE Quadrant during DCWEEK 2011. Presented this Saturday during an opening blowout is THE HOME, a two-day showcase of local social innovators in indie fashion, emerging arts, and DIY retail. Come Sunday for a special brunch and stay tuned for the festivities next week. It’s only getting better!
    Schedule and More Information   Visit their tumblr here.


#6 Travel - 3nd Place: Aristide Economopoulos

  •  6. and here is one from the Washington Post… Upstart photography festival FotoWeek DC is kicking off Nov. 4with a giant, two-venue launch party.where:  the old Borders bookstore at 18th and L streets NW — a move that will give organizers 50,000 square feet of space to play with, a mere block from the Metro.         what: 14 separate exhibitions will be held at the hub, open to the public beginning Nov. 5, including the World Press Photo exhibition, and the FotoWeekDC International Awards Competition winners. The space will also be home to the launch party and to Brightest Young Things’ ‘Young @ Heart’ show.   So that brings us to….


#7 BYT Young @ Heart party

  • 7. Brightest Young Things’   “Young @ Heart” show, which  features some of the site’s best photos of the year.Another major change this year: You’ll now have to register for a free festival passto visit the three primary FotoWeek spaces, FotoWeek Central, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and FotoSpace in Adams Morgan.No one will be turned away if you don’t pre-register online, but you will still have to register on-site.You’ll also have to get tickets (at anywhere from $10 to $75) for certain festival events, such as Young @ Heart, the popular Night Visions all-night photo shoot and portfolio reviews. But FotoWeek could pick up the tab for a lucky few: Organizers will give away 150 free tickets to fans of the festival’s Facebook page, and 30 of those will be for the Nov. 4 launch party (which saves the lucky winners a whopping $55). “The concept,” says Adamstein, “is for as much as possible to be free.”



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