Rare Pic for the Day — Spotlight on Malick’s “New World” & Q’orianka Kilcher


by Otessa

I just love Terrence Malick’s films.  Apparently Malick once told his DP, “imagine your camera is the bird in the moment before it takes flight”. And right there, lies all my admiration and awe… To be a director with such a poetic mind.

Q'orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas in Malick's "New World"


And Q’orianka Kilcher gave a tremendous, nuanced performance as Pocahontas. (and she was only 14!) And kudos to Malick & the production team for keeping the love story from ever seeming creepy, which it so easily could have.

Apparenly Q’orianka is now a recurring character on “Sons of Anarchy”, which makes me really regret letting that show fall by the wayside. Now I need to catch up on my viewing.

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