Around DC — Weekly Top 10 (halloween week of 10/31 — 11/4)


by Otessa

#1. The Meat Puppets

1. Seeing the Meat Puppets tonight at the RRH (rock and roll hotel). Plus, the Meat Puppets re-tweeted us last week, which just makes me like them ever so much more.

#2 dangerous. delicious. yum.

2. The slice of “Dangerously Delicious” pie that I am going to get either before or after the Meat Puppets.   Try the Baltimore Bomb (chock full of B’more’s own Berger’s cookies): it’s supposed to be utterly amazing. But I think I’ll be going with Lemon Meringue (despite the fact that it is utterly un-seasonable) … I just ADORE lemon meringue pie.  Also, Scout Mob, has an excellent deal going right now, for a 100% free piece of sweet pie at DD pies. You can get the app and deal here.


3. The fact that when it is cold in DC, you can go to a nice, toasty-warm museum and have a lovely time being warm & seeing wonderful things … for free even. Plus, how pretty is the Smithsonian castle in the fall?

But one of my all-time winter favorites is…

#4 the peacock room

peacock room continued

4. The Peacock Room, at the Freer / Sackler.

Additionally, the origin story behind the room is full of in-fighting and drama.  Even the sparring peacocks (painted on the room’s mural) are meant to represent the artist and the patron. One holds a paintbrush; and the other holds a bag of money. Read more here and here.


#5 doesn't he look fierce? (the largest preserved/stuffed elephant anywhere period)

5.  The elephant at the Museum of Natural History. Oh, and the Hope diamond. It’s beautiful. And cursed. I was super enthralled with these themes as a youngster — both the Hope diamond and the Minotaur narratives fascinated me. What can I say: I was weird. And creative. But, yes, weird!

#6 Dorothy's ruby reds photocred to Clinton Mah (aka mahteetagong on flickr)

6. Dorothy’s ruby slippers — (Honorable mention goes to Mr. Rogers’ old-man cardigan)  –

Both are at the Museum of American History, which also has an ice cream parlor. However, I miss the old ice cream parlor — the one from back before they gutted and re-did it and now I don’t like it as much.

ps See Clinton Mah’s photostream here.


#6 Maine Ave oysters


7.  Oysters at the Maine Ave Fish Market. And the way the guys call out in sing-song voices, both announcing the catches, but also competing for your business. Also not only a wonderful place to get seafood, but also a wonderful place to take photos. And since it is NovembeR, we can hail all those legendary R-months for being approved-oyster-eating months.

photocred to Steven Yang

Also, seeing as it is November 1st, it’s a good time to mention that the DC Office of Motion Picture and Television has named the Maine Ave Fish Market the November 2011 “Location of the Month”.  More info here.

PS check out Steven Yang’s flickr here.


#8 Farmer's Markets {images from Eastern Market, Dupont Circle & Glover Park markets: photocred to Laura Padgett}

8.  Farmer’s Markets.

We have so many –Glover Park, Dupont, NoMa — but the all-time winner is EASTERN MARKET
Plus, this time of year is always so wonderful with its root vegetables/ eggplants/ pumpkins/ mushrooms…

photocred to Laura Padgett

not to mention gladiolas and sunflowers and carnations too…

Eastern Market -- flower mart -- photocred to Laura Padgett

PS –Why do people hate on carnations? — They smell so nice and spicy.  And the heady, warm scent belies their innocent exterior, which is cute…not to mention how the leaves & stalks are architecturally beautiful. Plus they are inexpensive and they last eons.

(Can you tell that I just wanted to put lots of pretty pictures of produce. But after flickr-loving “laura padgett”  can you blame me for wanting to include her amazing photos? Check out more from her photostream here.)

#9 the elderflower collins at Ris


9. This is an elderflower collins at Ris.

I want to try it.

I have a thing about elderflowers. and elderberries.

You may not have known this.

This may also be another blog post.


#10 live long and prosper {photocred to Jorge Franzini}

10. Dressing up for Halloween
As I was saying last night, the fact that there is a day every year, where you can dress up like demons and knock on strangers’ doors, demanding candy — and they have to give it to you — it makes for one of those days when I really love this country.

Hanging out with the WSSC, Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission


**Please forgive me for the typos in this one. (Carmen, that’s to you in particular!)

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