Why OJBG uses corded phones… and answers to other big questions


by Otessa

Many viewers have had questions about OJBG. “Why do I feel like I’m missing things sometimes? Why are there gaps in the story line between seasons? Why are there new characters, and mysteriously disappearing/reappearing charcacters? Why do you use corded phones?”

Every season is a new summer– and a year passes in between. So Season 1 is the summer of ’94, Season 2 is summer of 95…and a lot of the story line is not just what IS happening…but also is about playing catch up — trying to figure out what happened throughout that passed year. It is a bit like a mystery. I like that when the characters have lives outside of what we see on the screen. It gives them more life and they aren’t always knowable. We have to get to know them.

I chose summer because it is, in many was, the quintessential high school time period. While you are in school, the social order, and the hierarchy are constantly being re-instated daily, because of the pre-ordained and constantly repeating schedule. But during the summer– people change, their schedules change. Sometimes people get thrown into the mix with an unexpected crew. Sometimes people have to go away to their grandmother’s for the summer. Sometimes they have summer school or work and cant hang out like they used to. Sometimes people have camp many states away. Whatever it is– the order is changed — destabilized. And a person’s place, at that age, is uncertain. Their friends, their “standing”, their beliefs, the very structure of their lives — these can all change, becoming re-ordered or dis-ordered. It is in many ways the most fitting representation of that unknown, unknoweable, unsettling age — precisely because it is so unsettled and up-in-the-air.

Also, in terms of characters disappearing and re-appearing… we are a super indie and we don’t have the luxury of 5 year contracts, which is how most TV shows work, and how they are able to guarantee that the actors can stay around for a while. (Ever wonder what happened to Carly Kittredge-McBride?? Yea — me too. I had big plans in store for her, which I had to scrap.) Sometimes our characters/actors just arent available for that season. Sometimes they have moved, sometimes they have job conflicts, sometimes they are college visiting, sometimes they have summer school. Simply put — we have to roll with the punches a lot more. And we hope that you are willing to too.

And as for the corded phones… if you have to ask, the show is set in the 90′s, and you might just be a lost cause.

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