Weekly Top 10. Latest Obsessions …


by Otessa

boot chains...jewelry for your shoes (photo: Otessa)

1.  Boot chains.

In terms of feeling tough, these will take you from 0 to 60 instantaneously. It’s even better when you wear shoes that are slightly too big because A). it’s like Business Class for your feet  and B). you can really clomp around. John Wayne would approve.

candy from the Sweet Factory (photocred: Lis de Tuerk Ghadar)

2.  Candy! (yes, Halloween is coming up.)  And especially candy from the Sweet Factory.

And I’d also like to give Ellen, from the Sweet Factory, a huge “thank you” for being so incredibly helpful when it came to culling all the prop candy for the upcoming 5th season of OJBG. Yes, there is a whole lot of candy in Season 5.

If you are a Sweet-Lover, please check out the Sweet Factory… it’s a veritable heaven for candy.  And Ellen was such a hero, that we recommend going to the source, eg The Sweet Factory location in Pentagon City. (Pentagon City, 1100 S. Hayes St., Sp. #C06A,  Arlington, VA 22202         Tel:  703-415-4240)

Mary Louise Suib (aka Principal Wallace) having a "falling down" moment. Love it. (photo courtesy of Mary Suib)

3. Mary Louise Suib — who plays our very own Principal Wallace

Mary Suib sent me this picture this week. And it made my day. It is from one of her latest projects and it shows a much tougher side to our “usually benign principal”, to use her words. She also ran into some OJBG crew ppl on set, which also made me smile.

much Sriracha (photo: Otessa)

4.  The Wall o’ Sriracha at Shophouse. And Shophouse itself, aka Asian Chipotle.

The one and only flagship store is just a hop, skip, & jump from us at 20/20… so I’ve been able to determine that asian chipotle may be as addictive to Otessas, as regular chipotle is.

Tube Anemones at the Invertebrate House...the best building at the DC Zoo (photo: Otessa)

5.  The new Tube Anemones at the DC Zoo’s very own Invertebrate exhibit.

This is where I often am on Thursdays, feeding live crickets to spiders and feeding shrimp to the octopus. It is the best and I highly recommend the Invert exhibit…truly the best at the zoo.


Winter is coming (photo: Otessa Ghadar)

6.  Aztec & Native American patterns & Pendleton wool.

Winter is coming. Enough said.


Not mine at all. Oops moment on the part of the USPS (photocred: Otessa)

7.  When your neighbors’ mail is accidentally delivered to you.

(Hi, Buddy! Nice postcard (:

As a counter-point though, the much classier Philips Museum newsletter, underneath the postcard, IS mine, which brings me to…


lovely new statue in front of the Phillips (photo: Otessa)

8.  The bouquet of flowers in statue form, which now graces the front of the Phillips Collection.


Baked & Wired has a Lisa-Frank flavor moment (photo: Otessa)

9.  The cupcakes at Baked & Wired, on Thomas Jefferson st in Gtown.

As a former newyorker of 7+ years… there are only 2 things I miss. #1 is delicious, cheap sushi. And #2 is Magnolia cupcakes. This takes care of #2.  Baked & Wired’s cupcakes are that good.  Plus, their flavor names are excellent!  (Unicorns & rainbows, Un-porked Elvis, Pretty Bitchin’, Flapjack, & Smurfette to name a few).  Although, when it comes to cakes & baked goods, I am vanilla as all get-out.  Vanilla/vanilla to be exact. (vanilla cake with vanilla-flavoured buttercream frosting. forget that creamcheese concontion, and chocolate gives me headaches.)

10. Top 10 lists. duh.


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