OJBG’s Weekend Walk-In’s


By: Samantha

1. Circa (Foggy Bottom)

            I know I raved about Burger, Tap & Shake in last week’s Weekend Walk-In’s edition, but I have discovered yet another food paradise in the newly-constructed The Avenue restaurants: Foggy Bottom’s branch of Circa. The restaurant features traditional lunch and dinner. However, my personal fave is it’s weekend brunch. Brunch kicks off at 10 a.m. on the weekends, and lunch starts at 11 a.m. daily. The Foggy Bottom branch flaunts an outdoor dining area that is loud, crowded and happening straight until closing. There are also Circa locations in Dupont Circle and Clarendon, Virginia. The prices are pretty reasonable and the food is splendid. I consider that a win, win.

*Tip: The banana stuffed French toast for brunch is as delicious as it sounds. Order that sucker and enjoy every bite.



2. Backstage (Capitol Hill)

             Halloween is next weekend. If you’re like me and have grand plans for a new and original costume, but nothing to show for your imagination, have no fear. Capitol Hill hosts the well-reviewed theatrical store, Backstage, which is not only a source for traditional off-the-rack costumes, but also houses an extensive collection of wigs, masks, and theatrical makeup. Because Backstage works as a legitimate costume store for actors and theaters, be confident that you will find authentic costume pieces and props to fulfill all of your Halloween costume dreams. Plus, if nothing works out, Backstage also does individual made-to-order costumes that will fit your vision and body just right.

*Tip: Backstage also has hundreds of costumes available to rent, even if it’s just for 24 hours. So, if you’re on a budget, but still want that traditional Marie Antoinette ball gown and matching tiered wig, you can make them yours without breaking the bank.


3. The D.C. Drag Queen Race (Dupont Circle)

            It’s time for everyone’s favorite DC race of the year: The Drag Queen Race! On Tuesday, October 25th, everyone gathers in Dupont Circle to enjoy the fiercest high-heeled running race in America. Unfortunately, women are not allowed to run in the race, but men, feel free to throw on your hottest sequined micro-mini, grab a pair of platform stilettos, and get your fabulous bootay onto 17th Street between P and S at 9 p.m. sharp. Needless to say, it is probably the best thing to see in the District all year long.

*Tip: Get to 17th Street EARLY. The race itself starts at 9 p.m., but because it’s a happening tradition, hundreds of people are expected to line the streets. Therefore, get there a couple hours early if you want to get the best view of their favorite queen.



4. Silver Springs Zombie Walk (Silver Springs)

            The Silver Spring Zombie Walk is expected  to turn-out over 2,000 zombies walking the streets of Maryland this Saturday, October 22nd at 8:45 p.m. Embrace your inner zombie, put on your best zombie garb and makeup, and get to walking.

*Tip: Get there a little early if you want to partake in some mingling with your fellow zombies before the chaos ensues.


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