OJBG’s Weekend Walk-Ins


 By: Samantha


1.  The Black Cat

         Check out these upcoming performances, per recommendation by OJBG creator, Otessa Ghadar, at the Black Cat starting this weekend:

Lemonheads (10/7)

Yuck Show (10/12)

Throwing Muses (10/14)



2. The D.C. Improv Comedy Club

         Who doesn’t like a good laugh? We certainly do and the DC Improv Comedy Club is just the place to find one. Or several. With a full menu, bar, and a swanky lounge setting, it’s a hot and entertaining alternative to a sweaty club or crowded bar. Just remember, the shows are 18 and over, so leave the kiddies at home.

*Tip: You have to purchase your tickets ahead of time. Check out the website for a calendar of scheduled comics to determine which one you would most like to see.


3. The Taste of DC

         You are going to eat this weekend. You might as well eat the best food Washington, D.C. has to offer and attend the Taste of DC food showcase this weekend. The event goes from October 8th to October 10th and costs as little as $15 to enjoy 60 of D.C.’s greatest restaurants. You should be convinced by now. Just go.

*Tip: If you’re feeling pretty ballsy, you can compete in the Amateur World Chili Eating Contest. Go ahead and make Mom proud!


4. The 90s Pandora Station

         I’m serious. If you are pooped from a long week of work, school, (insert other mundane activity here), just call over some pals to a communal area, enter a 90s artist into Pandora.com and you and your friends are guaranteed to have a stomach cramp inducing night of hilarity.

*Tip: Dress up in those embarrassing 90s ensembles you never had the heart to throw out.

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