Not the Hippopotamus


By:  Ashley

Here at OJBG Headquarters we’re editing new Class of ’96 Yearbook Videos, and we’ve been looking a lot of old footage from all 4 seasons of the show.  Seeing scenes from the rave in Season 2 made me think of the even more awesome, insane, seizure inducing rave from episode 3.4, “Cavort in the Bog”… And, of course, our favorite fakey faker–little Miss Betty Crocker herself–Remi.

Ep. 3.4 Cavort in the Bog (…lots of cavorting in the bog)

Ever wonder why Remi was christened the “hippopotomas” in Season 3?  When I first read it in the script, I had no clue what the reference was.  Apparently I was deprived as a child because it all comes from a 1982 children’s book by Sandra BoyntonBut Not the Hippopotamus.  Granted, I wasn’t born yet when this book was released, but I’m definitely familiar with some of Boynton’s other work (she’s written more than 40 books!)  Here’s the title poem from But Not the Hippopotamus:


A hog and a frog cavort in the bog, But not the hippopotamus.
A cat and two rats are trying on hats, But not the hippopotamus.
A moose and a goose together have juice, But not the hippopotamus.
A bear and a hare have been to a fair, But not the hippopotamus.
Now the hog and the frog hurry out for a jog, with the cat and the rats in their new running hats… While the moose and the bear and the goose and the hare are doing their best
to keep up with the rest, But not the hippopotamus.
Then the animal pack comes scurrying back, saying “Hey! Come join the lot of us”
And she just doesn’t know – Should she stay? Should she go?
But YES the hippopotamus! But not the armadillo.

Alas, Remi was the hippopotomas, it all makes sense now. And as we all remember, this little revelation didn’t go over too well with her friends.  But, luckily everything worked out in the end, and we’ll get to see the the 4 not-so-new-anymore kids embark on new adventures in Season 5, starting in November!

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