Video Games – Lana Del Rey -


Lana Del Rey (also known as Lizzy Grant) has been much discussed on the blogosphere…so much so that I almost doubted whether it was worth adding to the blog-chatter. But, in case you haven’t heard this track before, I would like to recommend it. It has a lush soundscape with gutting, soulful vocals and nearing-on-full-on orchestral string arrangements.
It’s unusually long in that it takes its time and doesn’t break down into the standard changes of a musical arrangement — all of which seem bold choices. (or choices of a naive savant. but who knows and who cares?)

The song speaks of a sadness you can revel in… a sadness you could swaddle yourself up in like a blanket and protect yourself with…
Lana/Lizzy describes her music as “Hollywood Sad Core” and she describes herself as a “gansta Nancy Sinatra”. For someone with so much talent, these descriptions are almost cringe-inducing…and it’s a shame. I want to call her and say, “Please ‘take it back!’ You’re better than these.”
And besides, I’ve always been a Dusty Springfield girl over a Nancy Sinatra girl. The longing in Dusty’s voice could have tugged & pulled the world off its axis.

The single drops stateside October 9th. Until then you can watch the video for the track here to get your fix:

lana/lizzy looking adorable

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