Blog Crush — Teenage Bedroom


Oh wow…so my sister Anna (who is awesome and who has also been on my show “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”…she was the little boy behind the liquor store counter in season 1, episode 1. Good grief. The things I do to my family!)

…Anyways, she shared this blog with me recently:

my favorite pic from the first 19 pages of the site

It is a tribute to everything wild, wonderful, weird, & slovenly about being a teenager — and that age & time when personal space and privacy are rare and at a premium; so, those spaces that ARE ours…they become a gold standard for personal expression.

19 yo colorado college student's dorm rom = awesome

Love it.

PS It also gives serious inspiration for any set dressing, or personal home-scaping plans.

Here are some highlights:




awesome “speciman” of 90s bedroom. this one hails from 1995. makes me laugh + swoon.

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