Dear Lemon Lima, hearts & flowers die today


by Otessa

So this movie caught my eye last night (**thanks Netflix movie-recommender and your “Visually-Striking Coming-of-Age Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead” **)

…and “Dear Lemon Lima” is so wonderful that I haven’t even finished it and I am blogging about it.

It’s delightfully — unabashedly — girly… so girly that it’s like “fuck yea in-your-face girly”.  It just makes me want to gorge myself on cupcakes, get a sugar high, and break into a hotel swimming pool.

cutesy rabbit poops hearts

And, I love it.  I mean, this movie has cutesy animated rabbits, that poop hearts. Hearts, I tell you.

Plus the cinematography is strong. The production design is alluring. The script makes fine use of the acronym FUBAR.  The whole thing is just so damn charming.  Oh and did I mention it takes place in Fairbanks, Alaska?  Kudos to director Suzi Yoonessi. (And hooray for female directors! And Yoonessi apparently also went to my alma mater, Columbia’s MFA film program.)

Anyways, so,

Anyways, so,

I just wanted to gush some love for Suzi and her movie “Dear Lemon Lima”.

I  wish I had  trapper-keepers

I wish I had Lisa Frank trapper-keepers, because I would bequeath them all to you, Suzi, and then I’d write something really nice on your binder.

**PS  How amazing is the Netflix movie-recommender function?  I actually have a shelf called “Cerebral & Visually-Striking Deep Sea & Submarine Movies”, you know, based on my taste preferences.  I think this is a whole other blog post.

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