Everybody Dance Now: 90?s in D.C.


Seems like there are fellow 90′s lover’s lurking around D.C….I had the chance to check out two different 90′s events in the city this weekend!

On Thursday, Brightest Young Things and VitaminWater hosted an 80s/90s Nostalgia Night as part of their Uncapped Live series. (They took over this crazy 20,000+ square ft space on 14th and Florida NW in the middle of May and have teamed up for a months worth of free music, parties, art exhibits, and events. There’s stuff going on almost every night until the 17th so make sure to stop by.)

Nostalgia night featured a comedy show and tell, beer pong tournaments, unlimited pinball and a dance party with DJ Smudge (@smudgetown). They had Never-Ending Story up on the projector, free VitaminWater, and hula hoops. What more could a girl ask for? Too bad there weren’t a lot of folks in attendance for the FREE event, but it was a Thursday night and at least that meant more hula hoop time for me:

Photo courtesy of Blinkofanaye@Flickr

Check out more photos of this event and others on BYT. Pssst: see if you can find me..

I also got my 90′s on Saturday night at the Moon/Bounce Dancing Affair at the Black Cat. It was a magical night of sweaty but wonderful, no-holds barred disco/90′s power-pop dancing. There were multiple “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY ARE PLAYING MY SONG” moments to be had. I think I had a conniption when “Tequila” by the Champs (it’s not even a 90′s song but what ev, it’s my number one most played track on itunes somehow.) and one of my ultimate guilty pleasures: “Fantasy” – Mariah Carey came on.

But my favorite part of the dance parties at the Black Cat is the crazy eclectic mix of people who show up to the all-ages club. It’s a crowd of gay, straight, young, old, fantastic dancers, and the not-so-hot wannabes all cramed together in the backstage, dancing like no one’s watching. If you want to get in on the dance party, the next Moon/Bounce is July 2nd.

And, if you can’t wait till July, hit up Peach Pit, a 90′s dance party the Saturday at DC9!

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