Will You Please Show Love by Spreading the Word?


by Otessa

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden has proved to be incredibly successful …but unfortunately is not profitable. OJBG makes no money and so every year I must raise funds for filming. And we need your help to continue it. Please show love by spreading the word about our IndieGoGo campaign for our upcoming season.

The show has achieved great acclaim:
–We are watched in 134 countries and still growing.
–Sometimes we’ll have more than 80,000 unique full episode views in 1 day (meaning that in one day 80,000 different people will watch a full episode, all the way through the credits).
–We’re winning awards, like the Telly we just got, which is amazing!
–OJBG was invited to the Dinah Shore weekend, to participate in the events there, and to be recognized for doing great things for the LGBT cause & community.

But, since OJBG makes no money for the company, every year we have to raise the money from scratch. Most shows at our level are made for around $50,000 per season. Ours is made for a SMALL FRACTION –just a very small FRACTION of that.

When I started this show, everyone said it was impossible– year after year they laugh in my face and tell me it is impossible — and year after year — it HAPPENS. We make it happen, to great acclaim.

But it takes a village! So please, I need your help to make it happen.

Our IndieGoGo Campaign can be found here:

There are special perks for contributing like Twitter shoutouts, signed memorabilia, walk on roles, character naming and more!

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